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    Avianca contrata Level 3 para serviços no Brasil

    Finally, Level 3 Communications picked up a contract in the southern hemisphere.
    Brazil’s Avianca will be using the company’s IP and data center services
    to help with a spike in growth, especially in Sao Paolo between the company’s headquarters and its operations and maintenance sites at the airport. Obviously, this deal comes via the GC Impsat assets acquired in the Global Crossing deal.

    Around the World 1/16: Atrato, KDDI, C&W, Arctic Fibre, Level 3 | Telecom Ramblings


    Level 3 Provides Managed Internet and Data Center Services to Avianca in Brazil

    São Paulo, Brazil, January 16, 2012 – Level 3 (NYSE:LVLT, news, filings) today announced it has been retained by Avianca to enhance the airline’s voice and data communications capabilities as it experiences rapid growth.
    Avianca now has more than 2,300 employees, 400 of whom are based in Sao Paulo. The airline flies to 22 destinations in Brazil, and serves more than 3 million passengers worldwide each year.
    “With our company’s rapid growth, the demand for information technology has increased significantly,” said Fabio Dimant, general manager of IT at Avianca. “We were looking for a company that could provide flexibility in the IT resources we needed. After evaluating several providers, we decided to choose Level 3 because of its vast experience in this area.”
    Level 3 is supporting Avianca with a range of Internet Protocol (IP) and data center services that will allow the company to more efficiently manage its communications and data flows among the company’s headquarters in Sao Paulo and its Operation and Maintenance sites based near Sao Paulo’s Congonhas airport.
    Avianca will use Level 3′s IP Private Line and Private Local Area Network (LAN) services, which enable protected transport for bandwidth intensive business applications and secure premises-to-premises and premises-to-data center communications. Avianca also is taking advantage of Level 3′s data center services -network management, virtual server hosting, storage and backup – to enable flexible growth while allowing Avianca to focus on its core business. In Brazil, Level 3 provides managed services through its data center facilities in Cotia, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro.
    “We are delighted to support Avianca’s growth by enhancing the efficiency of its communications,” said Marcos Malfatti, Level 3′s senior vice president of Sales in Brazil. “Level 3′s fully integrated IP and data center services enable customers to connect seamlessly – with consistent and similar services – to virtually any location within the reach and capacity of one of the world’s largest global IP networks with high availability, security and flexibility.”

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    A Avianca está podendo, heim??
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