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    Thumbs down LeaseWeb adota KVM para novos VPS Express Cloud

    A LeaseWeb está lançando uma nova plataforma para o serviço Express Cloud e decidiu adotar KVM como hipervisor.

    Os VPS contratados anteriormente continuarão rodando em servidores VMware.

    The Express Cloud is an important part of the LeaseWeb portfolio. Our attention is always focused on products that help our customers grow, and we notice more customers are using our Cloud products as the basis or extension of their infrastructure. This is quite a logical development, since Cloud offers flexibility and performance, while cutting on operational cost and investments. We are very proud to announce that we are taking the next step by introducing our new LeaseWeb Express Cloud platform.

    Customer’s wishes are leading at LeaseWeb, which means they decide much of how we prioritize our product development. To facilitate this, we need strong tools and platforms that allow us to build exciting new features and add-ons to existing products. For the Express Cloud, we went through a careful design process – building an entirely new platform from scratch that we can expand for years to come.

    As of today, all new Express Cloud orders are delivered on this new platform
    The hypervisors are the physical machines running your Cloud servers: they provide the horsepower and memory that powers your Cloud. For our hypervisors we use high-powered servers running KVM hypervisor software. We monitor the platform 24/7, and make sure everything runs as it should. In case of a hardware failure on one of the hypervisors, all Cloud instances are automatically moved and restarted on a fresh machine
    Launching the new LeaseWeb Express Cloud platform | LeaseWeb Blog
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