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    Enquanto isso, na Austrália: Huawei é barrada pelo governo no backbone nacional

    For the NBN, Australia Sends Huawei Packing | Telecom Ramblings

    For the NBN, Australia Sends Huawei Packing
    Posted By Rob Powell On March 26, 2012 @ 7:05 am In Government Regulations,Telecom Equipment | No Comments

    It isn’t just the USA that is acting on security worries about Huawei. The Australian government today barred the Chinese equipment maker from its $37B NBN project, according to reports. I honestly didn’t think the NBN would get this far back when it was announced, but it has and its importance to the next decade of bandwidth in Australia can’t be understated.

    The move to bar Huawei from supplying the buildout, which Prime Minister Julia Gillard called ‘prudent’, is a response to concerns about potential cyber attacks from its giant neighbor to the north. Whether there is a technical basis for such worries has largely been beside the point, as political considerations have played a larger role. But them’s the breaks, as they say.

    Huawei is of course not too happy with the decision, but they can’t be too surprised it came out this way. Where such concerns have been raised, the company’s efforts to establish its independence from the Chinese military and other potential influences have largely fallen on deaf ears.

    Huawei is already a big part of the market in Australia, serving the likes of Vodafone and SingTel Optus down under. But this will give its international competition a leg up in the near term marketshare race.

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    Isso me lembra "Você pode enganar uma pessoa por muito tempo; algumas por algum tempo; mas não consegue enganar todas por todo o tempo".

    Com a Red Star Corporation e a presidenta incompetenta e coniventa, essas "empresas" de paises de regimes totalitários não tem que se preocupar. O que é bom para a democracia, não é bom para o Brasil.

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    Bond, James Bond

    Versão LINX:

    Huawei banned from Australia’s National Broadband Network

    Chinese vendor Huawei has been told not to submit tenders for the Australian National Broadband Network. The decision is assumed to be made on national security grounds, on the advice of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.
    “the whole concept of Huawei being involved in cyber-warfare is based on the company being Chinese” Alexander Downer, Chairman of Huawei Australia, and former Australian Foreign Minister
    Huawei had hoped to reverse earlier opposition to its involvement through the use of a “cyber security evaluation centre”, which it has set up in Britain to address concerns by British security services about the extensive use of its equipment by UK network operators.

    The evaluation centre is staffed by Huawei employees but all are British citizens with security clearances.

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    Banda larga: Governo da Austrália bane Huawei de projeto nacional

    A Austrália impediu a participação da chinesa Huawei Technologies na concorrência pela National Broadband Network (NBN), a rede nacional de banda larga, devido a questões de segurança. "Fomos informados pelo governo de que não existirá papel para a Huawei na NBN australiana", disse Jeremy Mitchell, porta-voz da Huawei, segunda maior fabricante mundial de equipamentos para telecomunicações.

    A NBN é o maior projeto nacional de infraestrutura na história da Austrália, e conectará 93% dos domicílios e empresas do país a serviços de banda larga por fibra óptica, em regiões urbanas e outras áreas. O projeto foi concebido em 2009 pelo governo australiano, que prometeu investir 38 bilhões de dólares na rede, que deve estar concluída em 2020.

    A Australian Financial Review publicou nesta segunda-feira, 26/03, que a Huawei estava tentando obter um contrato de equipamento no valor de até 1 bilhão de dólares australianos para a NBN, mas foi bloqueada pela Secretaria de Justiça australiana por objeções apresentadas pela Australian Security Intelligence Organization (Asio), o serviço de inteligência australiano.

    Nicola Roxon, porta-voz da Secretaria de Justiça, afirmou em comunicado que "isso é coerente com as práticas governamentais que visam garantir a segurança e a durabilidade da infraestrutura crítica australiana". O governo não vai prestar informações sobre suas discussões específicas com empresas, que são consideradas confidenciais, acrescentou.

    Durante uma conferência de segurança nuclear na Coreia do Sul, a primeira-ministra da Austrália, Julia Gillard, disse a jornalistas que o governo havia tomado uma decisão prudente quanto às concorrências pela NBN. "Seria de esperar que o governo tomasse decisões prudentes para garantir que o projeto de infraestrutura cumpra o que desejamos dele, e tomamos uma dessas decisões", afirmou a primeira-ministra.

    link: Convergncia Digital - Internet - Banda larga: Governo da Austrlia bane Huawei de projeto nacional
    Siga-nos em nosso twitter: @wht_brasil

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    Enquanto isso, na Australia

    3.5 million premises on NBN in three years

    Nicky Phillips and Clancy Yeates

    March 29, 2012

    By mid-2015, 3.5 million Australian homes, businesses and schools will be connected to the federal government's high-speed national broadband network (NBN).

    The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, announced today that the fibre-optic network delivering high speed internet would be connected, or in the process of being connected in the next three years, to:

    • 1 million premises in NSW
    • 700,000 premises in Victoria
    • 430,000 premises in Western Australia
    • 330,000 premises in South Australia
    • 65,000 premises in the Northern Territory
    • 200,000 premises in Tasmania
    • 678,000 premises in Queensland
    • 135,300 in the ACT

    The construction of the network to these premises would employ 16,000 workers directly, she said.

    Six thousand premises a week will be connected to the fibre-optic network under the new rollout timeline.The sites selected for the latest rollout are selected in modules of 2000 to 3000 homes.

    Ms Gillard, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy and NBN Co boss Mike Quigley announced details of the rollout at a special event in Sydney today.

    Mr Quigley said the launch of the three-year rollout schedule was a "turning point" for the project.

    "We are moving out of doing the trials, doing all the planning, all the negotiations with Telstra," Mr Quigley told AAP.
    "Today we are really announcing stage one of the large-scale rollout."

    NBN Co, the government-owned builder of the $35.9 billion network, is commissioned to deliver high-speed fibre cable broadband to 93 per cent of homes, schools and businesses by 2021.

    About 4 per cent of premises will receive broadband through fixed wireless networks, while the remaining 3 per cent will have a satellite service in areas that do not receive cable or wireless.

    The ramping up of the rollout program follows the sealing of agreements between NBN Co and the owner of Australia's ageing copper wire network Telstra, which took effect at the beginning of the month.

    Several hurdles have slowed the build of the NBN, including a delay in the competition watchdog's approval of Telstra's plan to split its wholesale and retail arms.

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission approved Telstra's plan last month. The telco, NBN Co and the government signed definitive agreements in June last year.

    Mr Quigley said several factors decided the locations of the towns and suburbs in the three-year rollout.

    "We had to take into account what the government asked us to do, which was get to a balance between regional and metropolitan Australia, get a good balance across the states and complete Tasmania by 2015," Mr Quigley said.

    The availability of Telstra infrastructure to make connections was also a constraint.

    New suburbs at the outer reaches of major cities, known as greenfield sites, were also a priority.

    Mr Quigley said the fixed wireless rollout to provide broadband services to rural Australia will be done as soon as possible.

    It will take an average 12 months from the release by NBN Co of detailed maps of each location to when households and businesses can order broadband services from their telephone or internet service provider.

    Senator Conroy said that there were 67 Labor electorates, 61 Coalition electorates and 6 crossbench electorates included in this phase of the rollout.

    Mr Quigley dismissed claims the selected locations were due to political considerations.

    "Our planners wouldn't know an electoral boundary if they fell over one," he said.
    Update: The federal opposition spokesman for communications, Malcolm Turnbull, dismissed today's roll-out plan as ''spin'' that was designed to conceal delays with the network.

    The plan does not state when areas will be connected, only when work will begin in each location. Mr Turnbull attacked this measure as ''complete and utter rubbish".

    ''The only metrics that really matter in a roll-out of this kind are the number of households actually passed, where the fibre is running past the premises and they can be connected, or the number of premises that actually are connected,''
    Mr Turnbull said via telephone from the United States.

    The NBN Co's corporate plan from late 2010 said the network aimed to pass 4.17 million premises by June 2015, but protracted negotiations with Telstra have delayed the roll-out.

    NBN Co said it would take about a year from the starting date of construction to connect all households in an area to the network.

    ''Depending on when work has commenced, the actual date by when anything will happen is considerably extended,'' Mr Turnbull said.

    The Coalition has said it will scrap the NBN and instead use a mix of technologies to deliver high speed internet at a lower cost.

    - with AAP

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