A publicação do balancete trimestral da Cogent mostra o impacto do fechamento em janeiro da MegaUpload -- cliente que representava 5,5% de suas receitas --- no desempenho financeiro da operadora de backbone.

As MegaUpload accounted for 5.5% of revenues, the sequential decline was as anticipated – helped a bit further along by some negative currency effects. A bitter pill, certainly, but at least it got swallowed all at once. But it was the EBITDA number that took the biggest hit, dropping 19% sequentially – rather more than I had expected. I supposed I should have anticipated a delay in Cogent’s ability to offset the surprise loss of that revenue. Earnings per share and margins tumbled similarly of course.
Cogent Declares Quarterly Dividend, as MegaUpload Weighs Heavy | Telecom Ramblings