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    Agora é a vez do twitter?

    depois do google agora é o twitter com nova politica de privacidade?

    New things are always happening here at Twitter HQ. We're growing at a rapid pace, and our commitment to simplicity, transparency, and reaching every person on the planet continues. We thought you might be interested in knowing about some of our most recent developments:

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    Now Twitter is in more languages than ever. Check for your preferred language and change your setting.
    Download the latest Twitter mobile apps at
    There's more to Discover on - try out the new Discover tab.

    In addition, we've made a number of updates to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
    Here are some of the main changes to our Privacy Policy, with links for more information:

    We've provided more details about the information we collect and how we use it to deliver our services and to improve Twitter. One example: our new tailored suggestions feature, which is based on your recent visits to websites that integrate Twitter buttons or widgets, is an experiment that we're beginning to roll out to some users in a number of countries. Learn more here.
    We've noted the many ways you can set your preferences to limit, modify or remove the information we collect. For example, we now support the Do Not Track (DNT) browser setting, which stops the collection of information used for tailored suggestions.
    We've clarified the limited circumstances in which your information may be shared with others (for example, when you've given us permission to do so, or when the data itself is not private or personal). Importantly, our privacy policy is not intended to limit your rights to object to a third party's request for your information.

    In our Terms of Service, we've clarified how your relationship with Twitter works and made a number of small changes and formatting improvements, such as new headings for easy reference and updated descriptions of our services.
    Take a moment to read our new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and thanks for using Twitter.
    The Twitter Team
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    Depois do Google, foi a vez do Facebook, e agora é o Twitter.

    Facebook Privacy Policy Change Paves Way For Off-Facebook Advertising - Forbes

    Facebook is revamping its privacy policy* (which it likes to call a “data use policy”), fulfilling a pledge it made to the Irish privacy regulator to be more transparent and detailed about how it will and won’t use the dirt it has on its users.

    You can see the new policy (with tracked changes) here. The two main things you need to know:
    1. Facebook used to keep data it received about you from advertisers and third parties for 180 days; now they say they’ll keep it for as long as necessary to provide you with a service. Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan says that means that if Zynga tells Facebook who their top scoring players are in order to target them with ads, Facebook erases that information as soon as the ad campaign is over. But if Zynga were to post information about its top scoring players on its wall, Facebook is not going to take it down within 180 days.
    2. Facebook makes it clearer that it can use information about you to display ads to you outside of Facebook. The policy previously stated that the company could serve ads with a social context outside of Facebook. Now it makes it clear they can serve any kinds of ads they want. “Everything you do and say on Facebook can be used to serve you ads,” says Egan. “Our policy says that we can advertise services to you off of Facebook based on data we have on Facebook.”
    The second is the more interesting change from a revenue standpoint. The Facebook team made clear that they don’t have any particular product to announce yet, but this further paves the way for Facebook to roll out an advertising network to display ads around the Web. Given how much Facebook knows about its users, the network could arguably be much more effective than current ad networks which base their guesses about you on cookies placed according to the websites you’ve visited.


    Other notable clarifications:
    • Your gender is public information, as is your Timeline cover photo.
    • When you “deactivate” your account, you and your content do not disappear from the site. You still appear in your friends’ friend lists.
    • When you delete your account, it doesn’t delete everything you’ve ever done on the site. Any messages you’ve written, for example, stay in your friends’ inboxes.
    • Facebook created a new chart [pdf] with everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the kind of cookies that don’t come out of the oven.

    Facebook no longer calls its privacy policy a privacy policy. Its now called the “data use policy,” which is a far more accurate name. Most privacy policies aren’t about protecting your privacy, but explaining to you how a company will exploit the data it has on you.
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