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    Amazon e Microsoft reduzem preços de Windows cloud server

    AWS is angling for more big customers. For example, it cut the price of a small on-demand Windows server by 4%, from $0.12 to $0.115 an hour. But it cut the price of Reserved Instances (requiring a one-year commitment) as much as 33%. Under the new deal, a Windows Server can be had for a year with an up-front payment of $2,400 and $0.264 per hour, compared with $0.92 per hour on demand. Amazon promises bigger volume discounts.


    Microsoft is chasing entry-level customers and developers. It dropped its entry-level, extra-small Windows cloud server from 4 cents to 2 cents an hour. That puts it on par with rivals' Linux servers, the first time Microsoft has dropped its premium for Windows. Microsoft, with its flagship operating system and rich line of related tools and applications, is watching the Windows developer community migrate to the cloud, but often not to its Azure cloud.
    Cloud Pricing: Amazon, Microsoft Keep Cutting - Cloud-computing - Infrastructure as a Service - Informationweek

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