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    Google adquire QuickOffice

    A aquisição estaria relacionada ao rumor que a Microsoft está se preparando para lançar no final do ano uma versão do Microsoft Office para tablets rodando iOS e Android.

    In a move that could be designed to outflank Microsoft in the office productivity app market, Google announced Tuesday it had acquired Quickoffice, a mobile app that allows users to work on Microsoft Office documents on iOS and Android systems.


    The timing of the Quickoffice acquisition is interesting, coming as buzz continues to build about a version of Microsoft Office for the iOS, Android and Windows based tablets. That version of Office, though, isn't expected until November, which gives Google some lead time to enhance Quickoffice's market position, which is already a solid one.

    The notion that Microsoft will be introducing Office for non-Windows tablets later this year has its skeptics, but this move by Google appears to strengthen the case of those who argue that a cross-platform version of Office is inevitable.

    As Tony Bradley argued earlier this month: "If users can’t get a true Office experience, they may just abandon the productivity suite altogether and seek out Web-based options like Google Docs."
    Google Buys Quickoffice in Preemptive Microsoft Strike | PCWorld

    On Google’s official blog, Engineering Director Alan Warren announced that Google has acquired productivity software provider Quickoffice. Quickoffice has iPhone, Android and Symbian office suites that allow creation and editing of all Microsoft Office document, spreadsheet and presentation formats.

    Official Google Blog: Google + Quickoffice = get more done anytime, anywhere
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