The Olympian Infrastructure Challenge

The Network

BT has teamed with Cisco Systems to build the network for the London games, spanning everything from internet access to IP telephony to the “Games LAN,” the network providing information for TV commentators and on-screen graphics. BT has also installed a fiber network for the 2,818 suites in the Olympic Village, making the athletes and coaches who stay there some of the first beneficiaries of the speedy broadband. BT engineers have laid 5,500 kilometres of cables – the distance from London to New York – to support the network, which will be transmitting 60 Gigabits per second, delivering the equivalent of Wikipedia every 0.5 seconds.

The Olympics network will span 30,000 connections across 94 locations. The infrastructure provided by Cisco Systems will include:

  • 2,200 switches
  • 1,800 wireless access points
  • 7,000 cable TV sockets
  • 16,500 telephones
  • 65,000 active network ports (active connections)



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