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    A União Soviética da América do Sul depois de gargantear redes que ligam nada a lugar algum, agora bosteja construir um megadatacenter e ter o seu próprio site de buscas, o guglatrino.

    Felizmente os cumpanhero só bostejam e não executam nada.

    Latam Special: Latin America’s next frontiers

    07 August 2012

    Are markets such as Colombia and Chile ready to steal Brazil’s thunder? Gareth Willmer examines the opportunities for carriers elsewhere in the region.
    A new initiative by the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) to build a major continent-wide fibre-optic ring promises to drive growth across a number of the region’s domestic telecoms markets. The ring is due for implementation over the next 18 months and will interconnect countries throughout the continent. There are also plans to establish submarine cable links with the US, Europe and Africa, which could help to reduce the region’s existing reliance on North America. With about 75% of Latin America’s traffic presently routed through Miami, the project is expected to reduce pricing of wholesale services across the region by a reported 30-40%, with some anticipating a potential fall of more than 50% in consumer broadband prices in certain countries. Overall, UNASUR hopes to establish independence for transporting data and enable the creation of a continental data centre and a Latin American search engine.
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