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    Dec 2010

    Trojan BackDoor.Wirenet.1 rouba senhas no Linux e Mac OS X

    Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web is reporting the emergence of the first cross-platform backdoor to run under Linux and Mac OS X.

    BackDoor.Wirenet.1 was designed to steal passwords stored by the user in Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium, and passwords stored by such applications as Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and Pidgin. It also operates as a keylogger.

    Sounds pretty scary, especially for Mac users unused to these kinds of threats. Fortunately, the precautions are pretty easy:

    1. Check for the offending file in your home directory: search for and remove any files titled ”WIFIADAPT.” (If you don’t have any files with this name on your computer, there is no need to proceed with steps 2 and 3)

    2. Block IP address “” that the Trojan communicates with.

    3. Download free trial of Dr. Web anti-virus for OS X or Linux or wait for the BackDoor.Wirenet.1 update from your anti-virus software.
    New Trojan Backdoor Malware Targets Mac OS X And Linux, Steals Passwords And Keystrokes - Forbes

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    Dec 2010
    É, por via das dúvidas, bloqueei o IP aqui no meu linux
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