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    Alerta de Furação (Sandy)

    pelos preparativos da PowerVPS, a coisa será feia:

    Hurricane Sandy

    October 28, 2012

    Preparedness Update

    Dear Valued Customer:

    Virtacore has activated our Emergency Response Procedures in reaction to Hurricane Sandy and this storm’s potential impact on our service area. Virtacore is taking the following steps to ensure all resources are in place to implement our business continuity plans:

    1. Virtacore has started holding regular event status calls and will continue to do so throughout the weekend with the Network Operation Center and the Virtacore Management team.

    2. The NOC is reviewing all applicable government agency websites and media outlets to provide up to the minute storm updates. At this time,. Sandy is expected to turn toward the Northeast US on Sunday with direct impacts expected for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.

    3. All mission-critical personnel from Virtacore Operations and Engineering are working and are ready to address any service related issues the severe weather may bring.

    4. Virtacore emergency restoration vendors are available and on standby.

    5. Virtacore’s data center provider’s personnel have prepped generators and other storm related equipment including transfer pumps.

    6. Virtacore’s data center provider’s personnel have checked fuel levels in data centers generators to ensure significant run time in the event of a power outage.

    7. The NOC will be staffed with additional personnel.

    Virtacore understands that your communications, commerce, and content rely on our infrastructure. We are proud to have earned your business and trust and we take potential threats to your service very seriously. Should outages occur, you can be assured that we will do our best to isolate, react, and respond to issues quickly.

    Our hope is that the storm’s path does not affect our infrastructure or your service, but if it does, we are committed to rapidly resolving any issues.
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    Recebi este aqui da constant.com

    Event Summary: Please be advised that we are actively monitoring the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. We have initiated our "inclement weather procedures" which include verifying site coverage teams, emergency contact numbers, adequacy of onsite fuel supplies, as well as, emergency tools & materials. We do not anticipate any interruption in service within our datacenters. However, the unprecedented size and strength of this storm will put many engineering models to the test. Our team is standing by to offer full support services throughout the storm.

    If you have any questions regarding this item, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance via your preferred method (e.g., phone call or email to your account representative, email to support@constant.com, or by logging in to your online account portal).
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    agora da Turnkey Inetnet:

    Notice from TURNKEY INTERNET

    Hurricane Sandy is currently hitting the North East U.S. with hurricane force winds and monsoon rains, and is expected to hit New York and up-state new york today (Monday, October 29th, 2012). The NY Stock Exchange has shut down, as have many businesses and schools throughout the North East. At TurnKey Internet we have already activated our emergency preparedness Stage II plan as of Sunday October 28th - and we have already completed extensive on-site generator stress tests, and topped off our diesel tanks so we can run independent of utility power for several days, and have increased staff intervals to staggered shifts to ensure on-site engineering staff and customer service coverage remains un-interrupted both during and after the storm. We have additional staff on hand in case you wish to call in for a status update at 518-618-0999, or you can view live status updates on our twitter feed at https://twitter.com/TurnkeyInternet including links to photos as the Hurricane passes through the region today and Tuesday, October 30th.

    TurnKey Internet's multi-million dollar new datacenter located in the heart of New York's tech valley region already has multiple redundant systems in place to remain online in the event of power loss, fiber network outage, or natural disaster. The facility is a former government building built with 1-foot + thick concrete walls, on a self contained secure lot, over 2,000 feet above sea level. There is no risk for flooding, and the facility is built to withstand Hurricane level winds, as well as tornado level winds. Rest assured our role is to ensure uninterrupted and continuous 100% operation for all cloud services we provide to our clients, and the activation of our preparedness Stage II plan ensures exactly that. For businesses and clients with data located at their offices, homes, or person - we strongly urge you to copy and backup your data to a secure datacenter such as turnKey's immediately so you will have access to your data in the event your business looses local power due to Hurricane Sandy. TurnKey Internet's facility and cloud services will remain at full operation status with additional staff on standby to assist you.

    Our best wishes go out for the safety and health of our clients, staff and friends & family.
    Siga-nos em nosso twitter: @wht_brasil

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    Hurricane Sandy continues to approach the Northeastern section of the United States, with landfall expected between Northern Virginia and Connecticut late Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning. At this time, BurstNET® has completed all precautionary measures to reduce the risk of network impact during the storm or otherwise make repairs as quickly as possible. The latest forecast indicates that the storm will impact the coasts of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and New York, as well as reach inland into Pennsylvania, with strong winds, heavy rain, and potential flooding. The aforementioned states have declared a state of emergency in preparation for this storm event.

    BurstNET® has completed the following action items in preparation for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy:

    BurstNET® performed generator tests, and ensured proper operation, while ensuring all fuel levels were at a maximum. BurstNET does have a contract with a local fuel company to have a tanker delivered on-site upon the startup of generators.

    BurstNET® has confirmed the availability of all of its fiber companies have contractors in the region, while ensuring they have the necessary storm clearing equipment to expedite restoration should such become necessary.

    BurstNET® has additional staff along with electrical contractors on standby should such become necessary.
    At this point, we do not anticipate service impact related to this storm at our Scranton PA facility, as the storm should weaken considerably once it gets as far inland as Northeastern Pennsylvania. BurstNET® can run for lengthy periods of time on emergency power, should utility power be affected to the facility. The BurstNET® facility is also not in a flood risk zone, and is located on high ground. The highest risk is to fiber optic connectivity to the facility, which runs to diverse/multiple locations towards the worst of the storm: New York City and Philadelphia. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and maintain our preparations with increased staffing levels and heightened awareness of our facilities in the storm path. The BurstNET® support team will be available 24/7 throughout this event. BurstNET® will continue to provide further updates on our preparations and operations until the threat of this storm has passed. Please feel free to contact us with any specific questions or concerns that you may have.

    BurstNET® and BurstNET Technologies, Inc.™ are either registered trademarks or trademarks of BurstNET Technologies, Inc.™ in the United States and/or other countries.

    BurstNET® - an INC500™ Company

    BurstNET® - The Speed the Internet Travels™

    To place an order, or for more info, contact;
    BurstNET® - sales@burst.net
    PO Box #591 Scranton, PA 18501-0591 USA
    Unit #31, Greenheys, Pencroft Way, Manchester, M156JJ UK
    Phone (US) +1.5703432200 - Fax +1.5703439533
    BurstNET & BurstNET
    Copyright 1996-2012 © - BurstNET® - All Rights Reserved.

    You are currently subscribed to the BurstNET® Network mailing list.
    To unsubscribe from this BurstNET® General mailing list, please CLICK HERE
    The removal process is automated, and you will be removed immediately.

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    Do tópico do WHT-US:

    Almost all of the utility power failures in Manhattan resulted from the substation explosion near FDR Drive.

    conEdison has not given out any firm repair estimates, of course; but they do not seem very optimistic about how quickly the substation can be repaired, saying only, "up to a week but probably less" for the 1/4-million customers affected by that throughout Manhattan. The Washington Post and CNN have interviewed their spokespeople within the last couple of hours.
    The substation explosion ... encompasses every major co-location facility except for TELEHOUSE at 25 Broadway.

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    Sandy takes out NYC colo facility ? The Register

    Post-tropical storm Sandy, as the event is now known, has taken out at least one piece of significant information infrastructure.

    Internap, which operates a global content delivery network and data centres to make it work, has reportedly emailed customers the following warning earlier today about one of its facilities in New York City:

    Please be advised that Internap's LGA11 facility is experiencing significant flooding in the sub-basement of the 75 Broad Street building as a result of Hurricane Sandy. The flooding has submerged and destroyed the site's diesel pumps and is preventing fuel from being pumped to the generators on the mezzanine level.

    The available fuel reserves on the mezzanine level are estimated to support customer loads for approximately 5-7 hours. Once this fuel supply has been exhausted the generator will no longer be able to sustain operation and critical customer power loads will be lost.

    The Reg understands the email was sent before midnight GMT on the 30th, meaning the diesel has run out. Happily no lives were at risk in the facility.

    Internap shut down servers for clients for whom it was contractually obliged to do so. The email suggests others should log on ASAP to do it themselves.

    Little else is known about Sandy's effect on the technology world. Twitterer Skeeve Stevens has reported a friend who works at Microsoft reports submarine cables have gone dark.

    Amazon Web Services Service Help Dashboard reported all is well at the time of writing, while Rackspace also reports business as usual after earlier detailing how it prepared for the storm.

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    Hoje o bicho vai pegar em NYC, mas no momento o problema que atingiu muitos provedores foi a queda de conexão, o que é alarmante considerando que todo mundo anuncia redundância, multiplos carriers, peering, etc. No tópico do WHT-US, observa-se que o serviço foi restabelecido praticamente simultaneamente para variados data centers e os relatos são na maioria de network outage. Ou seja, tem muito provedor na área NY/NJ com ponto de falha porque está operando na base do backhaul sem medo de ser feliz.
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    Retrato de uma crise: twitters da InterServer postados nas últimas 9h:

    Teb1 and Teb2 datacenters in Secaucus, NJ are currently running on generator.

    Our links to NY4 have gone down as of 10 minutes ago. Actual cause is not yet known. All BGP routes should now be re-routed.

    InterServer's Equinix NY9 pop is down, due to a generator failure. No customers are hosted at this POP, only some transit links.

    We have just lost our XO 10Gbit link. Currently no ETA is available.

    XO Service has been restored. This brings back one of our 10Gbit connections.

    Our XO link unfortunately has gone down again.

    Our Cogent link has now gone down, which was our last link. Currently the Secaucus NJ network is down. ETA in progress.

    NY9 has come back online. Things brings up Abovenet, public/private peering.

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