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    Servidores dedicados da BurstNET em Miami

    BurstNET agora oferece servidores dedicados em Miami:

    SCRANTON, PA (US) / Miami, FL (US) - Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - BurstNET Technologies, Inc.® (BurstNET), a leading provider of budget web hosting services, has announced further expansion into the US South East hosting marketplace, with the availability of Dedicated Hosting service in the Miami, Florida region. BurstNET® has selected Miami, Florida, for its US South Eastern base of operations, due to the success of existing virtualized services in that market, released last year. The company will service US South Eastern clientele from the location, as well meet both international customer demand and globally redundant hosted infrastructure needs. BurstNET® aims to continue its solid expansion and to further consolidate its leading position in web hosting worldwide.

    The BurstNET® US South Eastern network gives clientele access to fully redundant multi-10Gbps connectivity between BurstNET's® US Central, East Coast, & West Coast networks, as well as EU/UK networks. The network is specifically designed to be of particular interest to the international South American markets, utilizing backbone carriers with excellent South American connectivity, as well as peering exchange connectivity directly with many carriers of the same.

    The listing of BurstNET® Dedicated Hosting services available in the Miami market, starting as low as $69.95/month, are can be found online at: Offerings include the new Intel™ Core i7-V2 (3rd Generation) & E3-Xeon (Socket 1155) processor series servers, as well as high-end Dual Xeon E5-series (Socket 2011) servers---all just recently released into the marketplace.

    "The demand for our services in other locations to be expanded to Dedicated Hosting, particularly in Miami, has been signifigant. Miami is one of the top Web Hosting markets in the United States for a reason.", stated BurstNET® CEO Shawn M. Arcus. "Constant inquiries from our existing client base, as well as success of our virtualized offerings in the Miami market, has solidified that the time was right to move forward. We've had this expansion in development for many months, and are extremely pleased to be able to go live with our Miami Dedicated Hosting offerings. We look forward to meeting the needs of our South American clientele particularly, and providing our unmatched service and support, at extremely low price points, in the US South East region."

    BurstNET® has seen significant growth in its hosting business, bringing the company to nearly 40,000 dedicated and virtual private servers currently in service worldwide. Founded in 1991, BurstNET® is one of the oldest web hosting operations in the industry. The company is known as a pioneer of the Web Hosting industry, having been heavily involved in the creation of the industry standard CPanel® control panel (cPanel Inc | Point.Click.Host.), and co-creator of the industry's first $99 dedicated server. The company operates one of the oldest and largest resale programs in the industry, servicing thousands of resellers, as the backend for many popular hosting companies.

    BurstNET® is nearing completion of a new 32,000 SQ FT data center, also housing its corporate headquarters, in Scranton PA. The facility is scheduled to open in February 2013, and is focused heavily on enterprise Co-location services. BurstNET® is currently conducting pre-sale of the space in the facility.
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    Os VPS de Miami não era muito bons, viviam caindo e acredito que era por causa da conectividade (carrier) deles. Será que melhorou?

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    Os VPS de Miami não era muito bons, viviam caindo e acredito que era por causa da conectividade (carrier) deles. Será que melhorou?
    Não, pelo menos pra mim.

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    Não tive boas experiencias com a Buts, será que no geral ela esta melhor?

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