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    WHAM! (Web Host Account Manager) - Gerencie multiplos servidores Cpanel

    WHAM! (Web Host Account Manager) - Gerencie multiplos servidores Cpanel

    ** Manage Multiple CPanel / WHM servers efficiently using WHAM! **

    WHAM! is a yet-to-be launched, brand new software that allows management of CPanel servers easily.

    * What WHAM! Is Not

    -> WHAM! is not a replacement for any billing/accounting software (like WHMCS)
    -> WHAM! is not a helpdesk / support suite-like software either

    * What WHAM! Is

    Simply put, WHAM! manages multiple CPanel servers. That’s what it is designed to do.

    WHAM! works fluently across all platforms (PC, tablets, phones), is light-weight and very smart.

    * Who should use WHAM?

    -> Resellers - Resellers with multiple CPanel servers across different web hosts will find their tasks cut out, thanks to WHAM!

    -> Web Hosting Companies - WHAM! eases the job of your support team. Noticeable improvement in response-times of your tech’s replies

    -> Server Support Companies - Get ahead of your competition, and provide faster and quality support to your clients using WHAM!

    * Features


    -> BootStrap
    WHAM! has been developed using BootStrap – the sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework built by the twitter nerds.

    -> Cross-platform
    WHAM! adapts well no matter you access it via browser on a PC, tablet or even phone


    -> Multiple Users
    WHAM! supports multiple users. Create roles with necessary privileges (or select from default roles) and then assign users into it

    -> Locale
    WHAM! has support for Timezone and DST settings for all users.


    -> WHAM! Firewall
    WHAM! firewall enables you to restrict access to its interface for certain IPs. Choose from two firewall modes and secure your installation of WHAM!

    -> Event Logging
    All actions performed via WHAM! are logged. Logs are extremely useful in WHAM! multi-user environments to check who did what.

    -> Email Alerts
    Get email alerts for login attempts, and other important events


    -> Account Lookups
    WHAM! can easily locate accounts, or duplicates across multiple servers, saving you precious time and effort.

    -> Account Functions
    Create, Modify, Suspend, Terminate accounts easily from WHAM!

    -> Server Functions
    WHAM! allows you to configure / restart CPanel services in seconds

    -> CPanel Management
    Manage addons, parked, sub-domains, email accounts quickly from WHAM!

    -> DNS Management
    Add / remove/ edit DNS zones present on any server directly from WHAM!


    -> Easy WHM and CPanel login
    Using WHAM!, you can now login to WHM or CPanel interface without entering the password.

    -> DNS Functions
    Common DNS functions like WHOIS query, RBL check, DNS report, Port scan etc included in WHAM! Saves time to troubleshoot DNS issues with all tools in one place at your disposal.

    WHAM! (Web Host Account Manager) is all set to be unleashed on February 08, 2013. Prior to that, we are excited to provide a limited number of review-copies exclusively for WHT community. Review copies will incude WHAM! software (free for life) and its license to manage 10 servers, valid for 2 months.

    Those interested, please PM me. Don't forget to mention your name, email and the ip address on which you wish to install WHAM!

    original: Announcing WHAM! (Web Host Account Manager) - Manage Multiple Cpanel Servers easily - Web Hosting Talk

    site: Web Host Account Manager - manage multiple CPanel / WHM servers efficiently
    Siga-nos em nosso twitter: @wht_brasil

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    o sites deles está off

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    Só consigo pensar em uma coisa, "SEGURANÇA" e acho que só vou usar algo assim quando for nativo do cpanel.

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