For Level 3 Communications, Latin America is hot — hot enough to put more money into its metro networks. Today the company announced the launch of new high-speed metro networks in both Bogota, Colombia and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The buildout takes their main metro loops in both cities to 40G, with 100G in the wings. That means bigger pipes with which to handle demand at data centers, carrier PoPs, and financial centers. It matches similar high speed metro networks the company already has in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Level 3 Communications, Inc. (LVLT) today announced it is responding to customer demand for more capacity and expanding its end-to-end service capabilities by launching new high-speed metropolitan networks in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Bogota, Colombia. These advanced, high capacity, high-bandwidth networks greatly enhance services there. Level 3 has existing metropolitan high-speed networks in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

"One of the main challenges data communications providers face is how to develop an infrastructure that can manage the data traffic explosion resulting from the complex system of integrated services and applications that companies have to cope with on a daily basis," noted Gina Sanchez, Frost & Sullivan telecommunication services industry analyst for Latin America. "Level 3's high-capacity metropolitan networks are addressing this challenge, optimizing customer connectivity and thus enhancing customer experience."

The new networks offer Level 3's customers in these markets a more robust backbone, delivering up to 40 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) links to end customers. Wholesale and enterprise customers also can build their own backbones and dedicated networks, and interconnect with Level 3's and others' data centers to build SAN (Storage Area Network), disaster recovery and cloud services solutions.

In both Bogota and Buenos Aires, the networks have multiple high velocity nodes throughout each metropolitan area, with a total capacity of 80x40Gbps and the potential of upgrading to 80x100Gbps. Data centers, carrier points of presence, and financial centers, among other high bandwidth locations, will have easy access to these high capacity networks.

"Level 3 is always working to meet all the needs of our customers, and by launching these metropolitan networks, we will be able to address our customers' increasing demand for capacity in two very important markets in Latin America," said Leonardo Barbero, Level 3's senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Latin America. "The additional connectivity provided by the new networks enables significantly faster network speed and scalable capacity, giving an advantage to any customer doing business in either market."
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