Infelizmente para a BlackBerry, a empresa venceu no quesito:

"Smartphone que não compraria de modo algum"

Here’s a novel way of polling consumer sentiment in the smartphone market: Don’t ask people which handset they prefer to use; ask them which one they would never use.

That’s what research house Raymond James did in a recent survey of consumer smartphone purchasing intent. And the results are interesting — if only as a reflection of the platform partisanship that’s so rife within the smartphone space.

The details: As part of its survey, Raymond James asked respondents what features would make them more likely to buy a new iPhone or an Android or BlackBerry device: Bigger screen? Lower price? Better functionality? But it also offered them the option of saying they would never use a particular device. And plenty of respondents availed themselves of it.

Of the consumers Raymond James surveyed, 20 percent said they would never buy an iPhone, 31 percent said they’d never buy an Android phone, and 71 percent said they’d never purchase a BlackBerry.


* Survey was conducted between March 14 – March 26. It polled over 250 consumers, so big grain of salt.

BlackBerry Tops iPhone and Android ... In a "Don't Want" Poll - John Paczkowski - Mobile - AllThingsD