O empreendedor Sunil Tagare está propondo a constituição de um consórcio para construção de um sistema de cabo submarino que reduziria o custo do trânsito na região para menos US$ 1 / megabit.

Which is one of the most neglected regions of the world from the perspective of submarine cables? Most people think it is Africa. But with the recent wave of projects in Africa, it is now quite well connected. I believe Latin America especially on the West end is still saddled with old infrastructure and the cables there not only have almost completed their 15-year life cycle but more importantly, are saddled with obsolete commercial arrangements that keep IP Transit prices very high.

Fed up with being quoted $25/Mbps rates on this route, I decided to dig in deeper and realized that a new cheap cable was the answer to the region. So I am announcing Cable Barato. Barato in Spanish means cheap, inexpensive dirt-cheap. I want to build Cable Barato on the same lines as the Freedom Cable where I will bring in really inexpensive bandwidth to Mexico, Central and Latin America which will result in IP Transit prices of $1/Mbps or lower.

Over the next week, I will be sending out presentations and MOUs on this cable to all the operators in the region. Let us all meet at ITW and discuss this deal which will bring great richness to the region. Lower costs will of course, translate into much higher volumes and will bring in a plethora of new applications to the region which is currently stifled by high prices.

As with all my deals, Cable Barato will be extremely carrier-friendly. Not only will the carriers enjoy really low bandwidth prices, they will also be able to take advantage of the upgrades at ridiculously low prices. Cable Barato is a consortium cable just like the Freedom Cable.

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