These new processors support 2 cores and 4 threads and are available in variants of up to 2Ghz while staying under 8.5 watts. The lowest power members of the family come in at just over 6W. Intel has demonstrated an S1200 reference board running spec_web at 7.9W including memory, SATA, Networking, BMC, and other on-board components.

Unlike past Atom processors, the S1200 series supports full ECC memory. And all members of the family support hardware virtualization (Intel VT-x2), 64 bit addressing, and up to 8GB of memory. These are real server parts.

Using this design, Quanta can pack a booming 624 servers into a standard 42 RU rack.

Quanta STRATOS S900-X31A

Extremely Low Power, High Density 3U Microserver

- Powered by Intel® Atom™ processor S1200 product family
- Up to 48 server nodes in a 3U chassis
- Extremely high density with ultra-low power consumption
- Embedded networking switch to aggregate and easily manage all sever nodes
- Shared Infrastructure provides excellent efficiency

With the option of 24 or 48 server nodes within a compact 3U chassis, the Quanta STRATOS S900-X31A is the most advanced microserver built upon Intel® Atom™ processor S1200 product family which supports 64-bit computing architecture and ECC memory at the enterprise-graded environment. S900-X31A delivers dramatic efficiency of power that measured at less than 10 Watts per node, with its industry leading thermal and space design. It is optimized for the applications of dedicated web hosting and hyper-scale workloads.

High Density and Simplicity
S900-X31A is designed with one goal: Simplify datacenter operation by increasing its density and reducing its complex cabling. One Quanta S900-X31A microserver contains 12 or 24 cable-free, hot-pluggable sleds that are independently operative. Each sled has 2 server nodes powered by Intel® Atom™processor S1200 product family for microservers each node supports up to 8 GB of memory, two 2.5" internal SATA hard drives, and one GbE RJ45 port.

All server nodes can share one console port and two (12-sled SKU) or four (24-sled SKU) 10GbE SFP+ ports for uplink via an optional switch board. Besides, comparing to other solutions’ isolated management design, Quanta's microserver requires users only to attach one network cable on a dedicated management port to manage all nodes. Quanta innovative internal Ethernet switching board and integrated management design not only greatly simplify the cable management and make the remote management much easier for datacenters, but also reduce the OPEX & CAPEX by eliminating extra Top-of-Rack switch & network cable equipment needs.

Everything Goes Efficient
S900-X31A shares components including fans, power supplies, and Ethernet switch in a Quanta X3 3U chassis. Plus support of extremely low power processors, the STRATOS S900-X31A dramatically lowers power consumption and increases heat dissipation. The shared infrastructure design makes S900-X31A especially attractive for datacenters with limited power and space. Therefore, the microserver not only largely cuts cost, but also dramatically saves energy, datacenter floor space, and cabling to achieve greater performance/watt, performance/dollar, and performance/ft3 compared to traditional 1U 1-socket servers.

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