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E-mail recebido com ofertas em comemoração ao 16o. aniversário da empresa.

Happy anniversary everyone !

16 years have passed since prometeus.com has been registered and after a few more days the company was also born... (Part of the story here: Prometeus - Your 'net consultants ! • View topic - 16th Aniversary of Prometeus )

At sweet 16, Prometeus di Daniela Agro has some gifts to celebrate the things we love:

1. We love loyal customers !
If you have been a loyal and trouble-free customer for more than six months keeping a service alive, a certain amount of money will be credited to your account. We have a don't ask don't tell policy regarding how this was calculated, so, please don't ask Truth is, we don't really know for sure either...

2. We love back-ups !
As you probably know, we have a lot of back-up plans, however, we felt that was not enough as some people continue to ask us for their data after they lost it due to hacking or accidental overwriting/deletion... From now on, Biz customers will enjoy increased back-up space and a web server for sharing static pages
More details here: Prometeus - Your 'net consultants ! • View topic - NEW ! ftpnweb free backup space for Biz plans

Also, we did not forget the other people which use our other services, we have made a special coupon to enjoy the 16th anniversary with us for the 100 GB plan. Use FTPNWEB50OFF for it and you will have 100 GB ftp and http storage for a year at the price of 9 Euros

But, there is a catch, this will expire on the 1st of June, unlike the others which will not expire.
Now, you really have no justification for not taking backups ! We linked a duply tutorial too, so even grandma and her cat can start backing up their sites using PGP encryption !

3. Did we mention we love back-ups ?
For those looking for a professional backup solution we have a special deal on Idera Server Backup (was R1soft/CDP), a recurring 50% discount using the code SBK50OFF (valid until the end of June):
1st agent (linux or windows) + 250GB backup space = €6 / month
1st agent (linux or windows) + 500GB backup space = €10 / month
1st agent (linux or windows) + 1000GB backup space = €16 / month
Additional agents (linux or windows): €3 / quarter
Order link: https://www.prometeus.net/billing/ca...ocode=SBK50OFF

You can use the agent on any VPS KVM / Xen / vmware you manage, not only the Prometeus one. Server backup allow you to save your data multiple time a day without any performance degradation.
You can define any policy of data retention and restore from the web interface a single file/directory or several with a few clicks.
You can also do a bare metal restore in case everything is lost or use the BMR to create an identical copy of your vps on a different vps!
For more information about Server Backup look here
Server Backup for Enterprise

4. We love Xen !
New Xen nodes are deployed using the new Enterprise grade Storage Area Network:
Hitachi HUS 150
Dual Headed Active / Active Controllers
4 + 4 8Gbps FC ports
SAS DISKS Dynamic Pools

Enjoy a 16% recurring discount for new orders of Biz Xen using the coupon 16YEARS16

We also have a very limited deal for the Biz Xen 11
CPU: 4 Core
RAM: 4096MB
Hard Disk: 160GB SAS (SAN protected)
IP addresses: 2 IPv4, 4 IPv6
Dedicated internet bandwidth: 6000 GB
€19.8 / mo ( with a 50% recurring discount using the coupon code UncleIsCrazy )

Do you need an affordable, reliable and professional VPS for your projects? Our Biz Xen Plans Are for you!
Not to mention this qualifies for the FTPnWEB plans above for free !

Happy birthday, everyone, see you safe and sound next year !