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    Mellanox lança switch com 720 portas de 40GE

    The VMS scales up to 28.8 Tb/s of non-blocking bandwidth and operates at ultra-low latencies and energy efficiency -- under 6.5 Watts per 40GbE port

    Mellanox announced the availability of the Mellanox Virtual Modular Switch (VMS) solution, an Ethernet data center aggregation switch infrastructure. It provides up to 720 ports of 40 gigabits per second with latency lower than 2 microseconds while reducing capital expenses by up to 85 percent and power consumption by up to 90 percent. Moreover, Mellanox VMS offers the best-in-class resiliency, maintaining up to over 90 percent of the aggregation bandwidth at the time of a switch failure, compared to traditional chassis-based switches.

    “Cloud, Web 2.0, and enterprise data centers which require large aggregation Ethernet switch networks are moving away from legacy modular switches, due to high expenses and rapid obsolescence, to fixed switches that bring scalability and efficiency,” said Gilad Shainer, vice president of marketing at Mellanox Technologies. “The Mellanox Virtual Modular Switch solution, comprised of Mellanox’s 10, 40 and 56GbE switches, enables our customers to achieve a new level of scalability, while future-proofing their investment and reducing expenses.”

    The Mellanox VMS solution is constructed by connecting Mellanox’s SwitchX-2 based 40 and 56 Gigabit Ethernet systems connected in a non-blocking topology and managed with the widely-used Puppet and Chef management applications.

    High Scalability
    - Scales up to 720 40GbE nodes

    High Availability
    - Resilient to hardware failures
    - Maintains over 90% of bandwidth

    Standard solution
    - Management by standard protocols and software tools

    Low Latency
    - Under 2 microseconds maximal east-west latency for all traffic profiles and packet sizes

    Low Power Solution
    - Typical power consumption under 6.5 Watts per 40GbE port

    Low cost
    Mellanox Technologies
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    Resta saber o tamanho da jeba (low cost? huahuahau)

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