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    Digital Ocean inaugura rede privada compartilhada

    A "facilidade" está disponivel apenas no data center NYC2 (TelX, Manhattan).

    "all droplets with private networking enabled are on the same private network as other customers' droplets"

    Introducing Private Networking

    You've requested it, and now it's here! DigitalOcean is happy to announce that all droplets in NYC2 are now equipped with Shared Private Networking, allowing them to communicate with other droplets in that same datacenter. You can enable shared private networking on your Droplet from the Droplet create screen.

    Traffic sent between Droplets across the private network will not count towards the bandwidth costs and can be used for database replication, file storage, and similar host to host communication. Check out our full length tutorial on how to set-up and use Shared Private Networking.
    Tem cliente que gostou:

    This is exactly how rackspace does it with the shared private network and I'm perfectly happy with that. I can use a firewall and a VPN if I really need to make sure no one else can see anything on the private network.

    'Private' is somewhat of a misnomer here. It's fairly standard for 'private networking' implementations to simply mean that you need to be on the local subnet to access the network resource. Linode does this the same way. It's not always preferable - I'd love a proper private-in-the-true-meaning-of-the-word network too, but you've got to look at the prices you're paying too.
    É a turma do FHC fez também, FHC fez pior.
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