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    [EN] Akamai Nabs Telefonica for Global CDN Alliance

    March 25th, 2014 by Rob Powell

    While the rest of the content world is currently obsessed with net neutrality, peering, and the end of the internet as we know it, Akamai is busy developing its carrier relationships. Today that means the announcement of a global CDN alliance with Telefonica.

    Telefonica Global Solutions, the carrier’s international arm, will be bundling Akamai’s CDN platform with its IP backbone to better serve the enterprise market. The effort will be focused on Spain and Latin America of course, where Telefonica is obviously strongest. But they’ll be expanding outward to other global markets from there.

    Telefonica had rolled their own CDN, without getting much penetration. I’m not at all surprised they went and found a partner to help reboot the effort. Had this been a year ago before the Verizon/EdgeCast deal, however, I wouldn’t have picked it to be Akamai — or at least Akamai would have had to work harder to win them over. Now though, it looks like a no-brainer.

    With the World Cup and the Olympics coming to Brazil over the next few years, the Latin American content markets are going to be buzzing. For its part, Akamai yesterday detailed its efforts in helping distribute the Winter Olympics in Sochi for NBC. 10.8M hours of online video is a lot of bits, with 8.5M of them consumed through NBC’s online portals.
    Akamai Nabs Telefonica for Global CDN Alliance | Telecom Ramblings

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    PR: Akamai and Telefonica enter into global content delivery alliance

    Akamai Technologies, Inc. and Telefonica Global Solutions, the global service provider part of Telefonica, today announced a strategic global alliance to deliver Akamai’s suite of content delivery network (CDN) solutions to Telefonica enterprise customers.

    To further enhance its CDN business, Telefonica Global Solutions is combining Akamai’s industry-leading content delivery platform with its own global IP network to deliver a suite of global CDN and telecom solutions to enterprises. The strategic alliance will initially focus efforts in Spain and Latin America with plans to expand globally.

    In addition, the companies have formed an innovation steering committee to identify areas of product development and future opportunities, particularly in the fields of media optimization and mobile technologies. As part of the multi-year agreement, Akamai and Telefonica plan to dedicate shared resources across technical support, customer care, marketing and professional services with a goal of providing the best end-user experience.

    With over 323 million customers, including more than 254 million mobile subscribers, Telefonica provides high-performing networking solutions to support today’s explosive growth in digital content. Telefonica customers are expected to benefit from efficient content routing and high-quality delivery of digital content, video and Web applications, and ultimately a superior end-user experience.

    “We are witnessing an unprecedented increase in connectivity from all kinds of devices, new digital services, and an explosion in the use of video,” said Juan Carlos Lopez-Vives, President of Telefonica Global Solutions. “Our alliance with Akamai reinforces our full commitment positioning Telefonica at the center of the digital revolution. By offering our enterprise and multinational customers Akamai’s complete and premier content delivery solution as part of Telefonica’s global services value proposition, we are reinforcing our powerful global Content Delivery strategy.”

    “Telefonica is one of the world’s leading, integrated telecommunications operators, with a strong presence in Europe and Latin America,” said Tom Leighton, Chief Executive Officer of Akamai. “Together, Akamai and Telefonica aim to align our services to be able to provide enterprises with the highest levels of performance and media optimization. This important alliance represents Akamai’s continued expansion and investment in leading carriers around the world, and we look forward to our initial go to market opportunities with Telefonica in Spain and in emerging markets across Latin America.”

    Akamai uses a widely-distributed platform of servers to spread online content around the world that would otherwise be concentrated in a few locations. The alliance with Telefonica provides greater distribution of Akamai servers within Telefonica’s IP network and provides additional capacity within Spain and emerging markets in Latin America. The result is greater network efficiency, better service quality for end users, and a more secure system.
    Akamai and Telefonica enter into global content delivery alliance

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