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    [EN] New Streaming King: The TV

    As the number of devices that stream programming grow the television has pulled away as the viewing venue choice.

    A few years back, when streaming wasn’t as widespread, apps and websites promised to deliver programming, like Major League Baseball’s “At Bat” service, to your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. Cable-TV providers created apps that turned devices into second screens.

    Now, smart TVs and videogame consoles carry Netflix, YouTube and any number of services built right in, while gadgets like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV and others deliver media right to your big screen.

    Advanced TVs and better Internet speeds let people stream HD-quality broadcasts over Wi-Fi. The most recent evidence is the most glaring: After months of pursuit, Netflix is finally reaching deals with small cable operators like Atlantic Broadband to integrate its service right into cable set-top boxes, effectively making Netflix a “channel.”

    The period of viewing fragmentation, where smartphones, tablets and computers gave the TV set a run for its streaming money, is over. Given the choice, “Game of Thrones” fans want to watch where the always have: from the couch.

    -- Brian R. Fitzgerald
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