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    [EN] IBM exibe 62 comerciais diferentes durante torneio de golfe

    Em um deles, sobre nanostorage, a IBM afirma que atualmente são necessários 1 milhão de átomos para armazenar 1 bit e futuramente serão requeridos apenas 12 átomos por bit.

    The campaign, with the theme "Made With IBM," featured snapshots of how the brand's services like cloud computing and mobile analytics are used by organizations around the world, from businesses like Lindt to municipalities like Miami Dade.


    The central point is data's potential to impact all aspects of life—and IBM's sales pitch about the growing importance of capitalizing on the opportunity in commerce. "Point to almost anything, we can make it faster, better, more efficient, on the cloud," says Jason McGee, an IBM employee, in one spot about innovation


    The campaign features more than 30 interviews with IBM employees and clients, and footage from 14 shoots in 20 countries on five continents.

    Here's the YouTube playlist for the campaign:
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