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    [EN] Dyn acquires Renesys

    Manchester, NH (May 21, 2014) – Dyn, the worldwide leader in Internet performance solutions, announced today the acquisition of Renesys, the authority on Internet intelligence. This acquisition enables Dyn to launch a new Performance Assurance product line that gives customers the insights they need to make instant, intelligent decisions to improve the performance of their Internet enabled applications. Dyn also plans to integrate Renesys’s globally unique Internet performance and geographic intelligence into its Traffic Management and Message Management platforms to enable its customers to deliver a consistent and superior web and email experience to their end-users.

    Renesys, identified as a Gartner “Cool Vendor” in December 2013, operates a real-time, global sensor grid that continuously monitors, collects, analyzes and correlates Internet routing and performance data. The current suite of Renesys products make doing business over the Internet more reliable and secure by monitoring the current state of the Internet, which enables enterprises to see beyond their network’s perimeter into the Cloud. Internet-dependent organizations have relied on Renesys since 2000 for situational and operational awareness, and real-time business and competitive intelligence.

    Renesys’s team of specialized scientists, researchers and analysts have been recording the state of the Internet 24/7 for more than a decade. The Renesys team understands and analyzes the connectivity of every network, every service provider, in every market on Earth — in real-time, as global events, acquisitions and traffic patterns evolve and change.

    “The acquisition of Renesys establishes Dyn as the premiere Internet performance company,” said Jeremy Hitchcock, Dyn CEO. “Renesys’s global and granular visibility into the Internet will allow us to make better traffic and message decisions, helping our customers more efficiently connect with their audiences. Our new Performance Assurance product line will help businesses optimize their Internet and cloud network performance, in a world where any downtime or milliseconds of delay can have a real business impact.”
    Performance Assurance

    The Renesys suite of Intelligence products will be the first offering in Dyn’s new Performance Assurance product line, which will be offered independently of its Traffic Management and Message Management services.

    By utilizing Renesys data, collected from a global sensor network of real-time probes, business relationships with more than 300 providers across the world and telemetry from Dyn’s global network, Dyn Performance Assurance will enable businesses to make the most informed and accurate decisions for network planning, traffic management, CDN optimization, Cloud optimization, and data center optimization.

    Specifically, businesses can integrate Dyn’s Performance Assurance services into their operational workflows to receive real-time intelligence of how Internet changes are affecting their business and adjust how consumers connect to their brand to deliver the best online customer experience.

    “Monitoring application and service performance was difficult even when enterprises owned the entire IT stack, from servers and applications to the network,” says Robert Mahowald, Program Vice President at IDC. “As enterprises move business-critical workloads into public clouds, visibility and control over of these services becomes exponentially more challenging. This makes performance assurance technology such as Renesys an essential component for optimizing cloud service delivery.”
    Talent Addition

    Renesys is also a major talent acquisition for Dyn. Renesys’s 40 employees, including CEO Ashton Peery; Renesys Fellow and Founder Dr. Andy T. Ogielski; CTO and founder Jim Cowie; Bob Fletcher, VP of Worldwide Sales; and VP and General Manager Earl Zmijewski, will join the Dyn team. Dyn will be keeping Renesys’s Hanover, New Hampshire location as a Dyn regional office.

    “We have always prided ourselves on being the authority in Internet intelligence,” said Ashton Peery, Renesys Chairman and CEO. “Dyn and Renesys are an ideal pairing; the two companies give customers the ability to see everything that’s happening on the Internet and take action before a network performance issue escalates into a full-scale business problem.”

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    In an interview Dyn CEO and chairman Jeremy Hitchcock said the two companies complement one another: Dyn primarily works with companies with a big web presence to improve their internet performance and Renesys’s experience providing internet monitoring information to ISPs will help Dyn better cater to its enterprise clients, including Twitter, Zappos, and Pandora.

    Renesys’s services plug into the global router infrastructure that spans the internet, said Renesys CTO Jim Cowie, and the company constantly communicates with ISPs who need to know where and when their performance is being hampered by the many different things that can slow down internet activity or even shut it down altogether. For example, Cowie said Renesys noticed in March when the Turkish government imposed a blackout on social media sites like Twitter and YouTube by creating a DNS redirect that caused users to be taken to a government site rather than where they wanted to go.

    Dyn is more action oriented, Hitchcock said, as instead of just notifying clients when their networking activity is slow, the company provides performance plans and can redirect a client’s activity to another data center to ensure smooth connections.

    Now with Renesys, when Dyn gets notified that the internet plumbing is clogged up somewhere around the globe, Hitchcock said the company can instantly address the issue faster than other services because Dyn has access to a bigger view of the internet through Renesys instead of having to rely on fragments of data.

    Even though Renesys will be part of Dyn, Renesys will still provide services to ISPs, according to the two executives.

    Hitchcock said the two companies casually talked about joining forces around 2 years ago but it wasn’t until February that they started cranking the wheels on the transaction.

    Financial terms were not disclosed, however Dyn will be taking in all 40 of Renesys’s employees bringing combined headcount to north of 350 employees, Hitchcock said. Renesys’s office in Hanover, N.H. will become one of Dyn’s regional offices. Dyn itself is based in Manchester, N.H.

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