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    [EN] Panopta em expansão adiciona São Paulo na rede global de monitoramento

    We are excited to announce that we are expanding our infrastructure. In one week, on May 28, we will add 7 new monitoring nodes around the world. As our infrastructure expands, so too does our the flexibility and accuracy of our monitoring.

    We are very proud to add two monitoring nodes in South America, as well as one in India. This is our first time expanding to either area, and we are looking forward to providing reliable server monitoring to the expanding economies in India and South America.

    We have also added three monitoring nodes in Australia. Bandwidth leaving Australia has always been very expensive and by expanding our infrastructure their we can ensure affordable monitoring to our clients on the other side of the world.

    The new monitoring node locations and IP addresses are listed below:

    Sydney, Australia 2:
    Adelaide, Australia:
    Brisbane, Australia:
    Beijing, China:
    Santiago, Chile:
    Sao Paulo, Brazil: (Maxihost)
    Istanbul, Turkey:
    Chennai, India:
    Seoul, South Korea:

    Any of our customers that have firewall restrictions for our monitoring nodes should update their system to account for these new IP addresses.

    We will continue to add monitoring nodes periodically. If there is anywhere in the world that you would like us to expand to, then please let us know in comments below. After all, we love to improve our service.
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