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    IBM SoftLayer Direct Link

    IBM SoftLayer Direct Link

    Introducing Direct Link
    Connect your infrastructure directly to your SoftLayer services.
    Key Advantages

    ■ Fast
    1Gbps or 10Gbps network uplinks

    ■ Secure
    Completely separated from the public Internet

    ■ Unlimited private network bandwidth
    Free, unmetered bandwidth

    We’re pleased to introduce Direct Link, a new networking option from SoftLayer.

    Direct Link allows you to directly connect your private infrastructure to your SoftLayer cloud services via any of our network points-of-presence (PoPs) around the world.

    With Direct Link, you can take advantage of having a private, even faster connection to the SoftLayer private network—featuring unmetered traffic—to create:

    Fully integrated hybrid environments
    Geographically diverse backup and recovery solutions
    Storage solutions for large volume of data
    Secure cloud environments for sensitive data
    Direct Link is immediately available in all SoftLayer PoPs worldwide. For pricing information, how to order, and more details about Direct Link, please visit

    To learn more about our Direct Link solution, chat with a member of our sales team
    Popular Use Cases
    Fully Integrated Hybrid Environment

    Blur the lines between on-prem and off-prem resources. With a high speed, direct network link between your data centers and ours, you can move data between servers (literally) at the speed of light.
    Frequent (and Massive) Backup and Storage

    Back up or store huge volumes of data from your corporate data centers on your SoftLayer infrastructure (or the other way around) without paying us a cent for bandwidth. And because you have a dedicated network connection, your transfer rates will be fast, consistent, and reliable.
    Super-Secure Data

    Customers moving sensitive financial, health, or government-regulated data to and from our cloud platform can further ensure its security by completely avoiding exposure to the public Internet at all times.
    Making the Connection

    Establishing a Direct Link connection to SoftLayer is simple: Extend your on-premises network into one of our available network PoP locations and cross-connect your router to ours, and we'll enable a private and secure 1Gbps or 10Gbps connection to your SoftLayer servers across the private network.

    With this connection, you’ll have unfettered access to your servers on the SoftLayer platform. And because you’re connected to our private network, all traffic across your Direct Link and between your servers in all of our data centers is free and unmetered.

    Direct Link is available in 18 network points of presence around the world. Choose where you want to link up to the SoftLayer private network, and let’s get connected.

    Location | SL Network PoP | Provider |
    North America | | |
    Atlanta, GA | ATL01 | Telx |
    Chicago, IL | CHI01 | Equinix |
    Denver, CO | DEN01 | Coresite |
    Dallas, TX | DAL03 | Equinix |
    Los Angeles, CA | LAX01 | Coresite |
    Miami, FL | MIA01 | Terremark |
    New York City, NY | NYC01 | Telx |
    Palo Alto, CA | PAL01 | Equinix |
    San Jose, CA | SJC02 | Equinix |
    Seattle, WA | SEA02 | The Westin |
    Toronto, Ont, CA | TOR02 | Cologix |
    Washington, D.C. | WDC02 | Equinix |

    APAC | | |
    Hong Kong | HKG01 | Pacnet |
    Singapore | SNG01 | Equinix |
    Tokyo | TOK01 | Equinix |

    EMEA | | |
    Amsterdam | AMS02 | Equinix |
    Frankfurt | FRA01 | InterXion |
    London | LON01 | TelecityGroup |
    Get Started

    Direct Link is a simple service with straightforward pricing. You pay a flat monthly fee for each Direct Link based on the port speed you select. That’s the only charge you’ll see from us. Traffic across the private network between SoftLayer data center facilities does not incur any usage charges, and we don’t charge any premiums based on network PoP location.
    Uplink | Monthly Cost | Bandwidth (In/Out)

    1 Gbps | $147 | FREE
    10 Gbps| $997| FREE

    To order a Direct Link, navigate to the “Network” tab in the customer portal and select the “Direct Link” option. You’ll answer a few simple questions about the requested connection, and our sales team will respond with the technical details you need to know. You’ll work with your network vendor to install a physical cross-connect to our router, and our engineering team will activate your Direct Link.

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    no ano de 4018 isso chega aqui :/
    Siga-nos em nosso twitter: @wht_brasil

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    no ano de 4018 isso chega aqui :/

    Equinix customers can choose multiple connection speeds:

    • Fiber-optic cross connects provide either 1- or 10-gigabits-per-second connections
    • Virtual connections via the Equinix Ethernet Exchange providing a flexible range of speeds (50, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 megabits per second, up to 1 gigabit per second)

    AWS Direct Connect services are currently offered in 18 Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers located in London, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Washington, D.C./Northern Virginia—covering more markets than any other data center provider.

    Currently, ExpressRoute is available to as a "public preview" to select customers at Equinix IBX data center locations in Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C. Plans call for the service to expand to Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and South America throughout 2014.

    Chris Sharp, vice president of Cloud Innovation at Equinix, stated in prepared remarks that the service builds on a strategic partnership that the companies forged last year. Under the terms of the deal, Equinix IBX data centers have a direct connection to Microsoft Azure. "By expanding our partnership with Microsoft, we are able to offer our customers a secure, flexible and reliable connection to the Microsoft Azure cloud in 16 strategic markets around the world," he said.

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    Next-Generation Interconnection Capabilities Enable High-Performance, Multi-Cloud Environment

    The innovative interconnection capabilities of Equinix Cloud Exchange remove the security, performance, reliability and vendor lock-in concerns holding many organizations back from fully adopting and reaping the benefits of cloud services. By eliminating the bottlenecks associated with traditional cloud access across the public Internet, Equinix Cloud Exchange provides a secure path for companies to access cloud resources at much higher throughput. Equinix Cloud Exchange combines the automated interconnection of cloud, network and managed service providers with advanced service orchestration, providing enterprises with simple, scalable, direct access to the multiple cloud services they need to build highly flexible hybrid cloud solutions.

    Available in many markets worldwide, Equinix Cloud Exchange gives companies multiple ways to connect multiple clouds across multiple sites—faster, easier, more reliably and affordably than using the open Internet.
    Key features of the Equinix Cloud Exchange include:

    • On-demand cloud connection automation – The Equinix Cloud Exchange portal and APIs simplify the process of managing connections to multiple cloud services
    • One port, many virtual circuits – Equinix is home to more than 450 cloud services providers, and the number is growing. As more join the Cloud Exchange, service providers and users can connect to more participants over a single physical port
    • Global reach – The data centers that host the Cloud Exchange are found in 13 top-tier markets globally, with six more coming by the end of 2014
    • Secure, high-performance direct connections – Direct connections within the data center are more secure and reliable and have lower latency than public Internet connections
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