HP Helion OpenStack Community is a pure, free-to-license OpenStack® distribution that helps enterprises deploy a small-scale private cloud.

Perfect for evaluation, development, and small scale production deployments of up to 30 nodes and 600 VMs.

Build, manage & evaluate an open cloud
HP Helion OpenStack Community speeds deployment and simplifies the management of small scale, open cloud environments and infrastructure services.

This distro allows you a risk-free opportunity to build toward hybrid cloud delivery in your enterprise by proving the utility of OpenStack on a reliable distro designed for the enterprise requirements of agility and security, with the flexibility of open source deployment.

HP Helion OpenStack Community is part of the HP Helion family of products, designed to extend beyond just cloud to become the very fabric of your enterprise.

When you register for HP Helion OpenStack you'll be the first to know when the HP Helion Development Platform Community preview becomes available. It's a free download that lets you quickly develop and deploy native cloud applications on an open, interoperable platform.

That's just one of many planned product announcements so no worries if you aren't a developer... this is for you too!