CLOUD / VPS instances Available in Europe

Plan1 1CPU - 1GB ram - 40GB HDD - 2TB transfer $ 0.007/hr

Plan2 1CPU - 1.5 GB ram - 60GB HDD - 3TB transfer $ 0.012/hr

Plan3 2CPU - 3 GB ram - 80GB HDD - 4TB transfer $ 0.022/hr

Plan4 2CPU - 6 GB ram - 120GB HDD - 4TB transfer $ 0.051/hr

Plan5 4CPU - 12 GB ram - 160GB HDD - 4TB transfer $ 0.090/hr

Special offer: Open an account during the Open Beta stage on the platform and receive 100% additional credit on top of the FIRST payment made on the platform. The maximum bonus credit is $150,-

Special Terms: The first payment and the bonus credit cannot be refunded if you decide to close the account. The bonus credit can only be applied once per customer. This special offer is only valid for NEW accounts created during the open beta.
How to apply for bonus credit? Once you made the first payment on the platform, send a ticket to the SwiftwayCloud billing team (in the panel) and request the bonus credit. We apply the bonus credit within 3 business days.

The current active packages are Storage Cloud/VPS packages.
We aim to add SSD packages as well as Standard packages during the Open Beta stage allowing a wide selection of packages.

What functions can i expect to be active and working?

  • Configurable Security Groups (Firewall settings)
  • Console access (KVM/IP)
  • Mounting an ISO (ISO's are uploaded to the platform by our support)
  • Install or reinstall from template (see below a list of currently supported OS in the template system).
  • You can create new instances in The Netherlands or Chicago
  • Snapshots can be made of the Instances
  • Snapshots can be used as installation templates
  • Instances can be rebooted, Power on or Off.
  • Resize an Instance to another plan
  • Set your own rDNS
  • The platform offers full DNS service for customers.