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    [EN] DigitalOcean lança nova locação: Equinix LD5 London Slough

    Brasil tinha 1948 votos, UK apenas 576. Digital Ocean reafirma intenção de oferecer o serviço na região: "It is certainly planned ... We are currently exploring ways to service customers in Brazil and South America ... we've been focused on the UK and exploring Australia, Brazil, and India" e afirma não ter planos de expansão para China, Japão ou Coreia "We chose Singapore because of its central location in South East Asia as well as it's easier logistics and government regulations. At the moment we aren't yet looking to open another region in the area."

    Today we are thrilled to announce that developers can now launch Droplets in our newest region, London, United Kingdom.

    Our community has been requesting a UK region for a while now, and we’re excited to announce that it is now available. It is through our users’ support that we have now been able to expand to five regions globally.

    London is experiencing a boom in tech and entrepreneurship that looks very similar to NYC’s own tech expansion a few years ago, and we want to provide innovative companies in the United Kingdom with the infrastructure they need to grow and succeed. Additionally, we want to ensure that UK developers can comply with data privacy regulations by having a native facility.

    IPv6 and private networking are available for Droplets deployed in the new London region. We are excited to see what is developed in the London datacenter and look forward to offering more DigitalOcean regions around the world as we continue to grow.
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