We're emailing you today to announce our new service offering, R1SoftStorage - which provides complete backup functionality as a service, perfect for anyone who does not wish to manage and maintain a whole server for their backup needs.

We utilize the R1Soft/Idera software to provide a complete suite of backup functionality. Visit our website to read about the features Idera can offer you to simplify your backup operations.

The Idera Server Backup Manager combined with service offered by R1SoftStorage is fast, affordable, and most importantly built on a proven technology with multi-platform (Linux and Windows) support and the ability to scale all the way from a single server to over a thousand. Data recovery is simple, secure, and speedy utilizing Backupsy's new 10Gbit network.

Restoration of data is fast and flexible, utilizing the Idera web interface we provide you with you can restore data within minutes. When disaster really strikes, a complete server can be recovered using the Bare Metal Restore feature - keeping downtime and data loss to a minimum.

With the ability to replicate server data every 15 minutes, you can enjoy the highest level of data protection without requiring costly disk and network infrastructure.

Signing up with R1SoftStorage is straightforward, navigate to our website, choose the storage space and amount of servers/virtual servers you want to backup (Agent Licenses) and proceed with your order. Within a matter of minutes you can have a complete backup solution at your fingertips and sleep easy knowing your data is safe.

Pricing structure is simple. $4/month per 100GB space and $4/month per agent license with the first license included!

What makes this even more of a sweet deal is that the bandwidth is completely unmetered. So you won't have to worry about your bandwidth overage bills.

Tutorials are provided to you when signing up with R1SoftStorage to help you get started, and Official R1Soft Idera videos are available for viewing on our website.

If you do not have the time to set up your own R1Soft/Idera backups, we can complete this for you for a one-time fee of $25. We will cover the complete installation of the backup agent on your remote server, and set up a backup policy to backup up on the interval that you specify.

If you still want to manage your own server, we also offer individual R1Soft/Idera licenses. R1SoftStorage provides the World's cheapest R1Soft/Idera licenses available as well as offering great volume discounts. Only $4.95/month and goes down to $2.95/month per license.

If you're too busy to manage your own dedicated backup server or don't have the budget to set up a complete infrastructure, what are you waiting for? R1SoftStorage is here to help, with great prices and fantastic service - data protection and disaster recovery plans are no longer something you need to dedicate a big budget and a lot of time to.

Backupsy Team