As you know, it was announced last week that New Wave NetConnect, the parent of market leader, has acquired 123Systems. We will continue to operate 123Systems as its own distinct brand and nothing from the customer perspective will change, except for a number of improvements that we are rapidly implementing. During our pre-purchase review we identified a number of areas where 123Systems was not doing a good job, and was subsequently providing a sub-par experience to its customers. We know that the virtualization web hosting market is very competitive, and that in order to maintain our clientele and grow the service simply has to be better.

Through the past two weeks we have increased our support staff, added new nodes to spread existing customer loads, began a transition away from slabbing and improved abuse management so that nodes are not negatively impacted by a single VM consuming large amounts of resources. Our work will continue until we are 100% confident with the service being provided and all customers are pleased with their service.

I invite any and all past and current customers to share their experiences with me directly via email ( I will read each email personally and respond as quickly as possible. We are determined to regain your trust.

Thank you,
Chris Fabozzi, Owner
New Wave NetConnect

Chris Fabozzi

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