Professional Services costs $100/hour

Now you can hire us to perform your site migrations, server installs, one-off sysadmin tasks, and anything else you need. With this new service you’ll always have our expert staff available to perform system administration work for you.

You submit a request, we work with you to define the requirements and scope, and then you receive an estimate. If it all looks good, we get to work. Professional Services costs $100/hour.

For instance, let’s say you really want to move to Linode for your cloud hosting, but you don’t have the experience or time to do it yourself. You can hire us to orchestrate and execute the entire move – whether it’s one site or an entire fleet of servers, we’ll make sure it’s done as safely, as practically and as stress free as possible. We’d configure the new Linode servers, sync the content, manage the DNS transition, and manage all aspects of the migration.

Web and application servers, content management systems, mail servers, database servers, application frameworks, and control panels are just a few additional examples of the things we can help with.

We really hope this provides a useful service in both the initial deployment of your apps, and is a useful aid in your ongoing operational demands. Please contact us with any questions or requests for work!

Want to know more? Please see the Professional Services product page.