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    AMX-IX anuncia primeiro link 100GE

    AMS-IX first Internet Exchange to launch 100GE capacity ports.

    AMS-IX - Amsterdam Internet Exchange, que tinha iniciado testes com 100GE Brocade Blades e Anritsu test cards no final de março, anunciou hoje a entrada em operação do link 100GE, antecipando o lançamento oficial, marcado para 8 de junho.

    June 8th marks a big date in the IP calendar, not only is it world IPv6 day but AMS-IX will be the first IX in the world officially launching 100GE ports, Inter-IPX services and a guaranteed service or SLA.
    Em abril, Patrick Schreurs, CEO, informou que cada porta no AMS-IX custaria em torno de US$ 165 000 (incluso 100GE optics). Um representante da Yellow Fiber Networks em post no WHT-US considerou o custo razoável.

    Naquela oportunidade, o blog AMS-IX fazia a seguinte afirmação:

    We have studied the demand for greater capacity and studied the cost, benefits and demand our customers will have for the following years. 100GE is the only way forward to sustain the current growth in traffic.

    About AMS-IX
    AMS-IX - Amsterdam Internet Exchange - is a neutral and independent Internet exchange providing services since the early 1990’s. AMS-IX is one of the largest Internet Interconnection Points worldwide. More than 420 Internet networks come together in Amsterdam from all over the world to exchange Internet traffic of over 1.29 Tbps . The AMS-IX platform provides professional, high quality, non-blocking peering services for IP traffic with a diverse profile, be it regular IP data such as e-mail, but also video/TV and voice.
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    AMS-IX launches 100GbE service

    The offering is a first for exchanges around the world. AMS-IX CTO Henk Steenman said 15% of exchange customers surveyed, including some of the world’s largest colocation players, have expressed desire to move to 100GE by the end of next year.

    “We are seeing that more and more traffic is exchanged over the Internet and the size of the data files is getting larger,” Steenman said.

    “We have had 10GbE for seven years now, this 100GbE will allow us to grow now for the next seven years until the next step is required.”


    AMS-IX is using Brocade’s 100GbE module for its MLXe routers, allowing 32 wire-speed 100GbE ports in one one MLX-32 router.

    “Each two-port 100 GbE module delivers 400 Gbps of data throughput per module without compromising the performance of features such as IPv4, IPv6 and MPLS,” Brocade said.


    AMS-IX tested the solution with customer Limelight Networks, which offers content delivery network for entertainment, technology, enterprise and government customers.

    Limelight Networks said the new 100GBE service will deliver a new dimension to the peering model.

    Limelight Networks’ vice president of network engineering Denver Maddux said it tested up to 98 Gigabits per second (Gbps) of Internet traffic “without any problems”

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