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    [EN] IBM Launching (Free) Web-Based Email Service

    The computing giant on Tuesday is unveiling IBM Verse, an email service melded with other collaboration and social-media functions. The company plans to offer the cloud-based software free to individuals and small businesses, and also hopes to sell a commercial version to businesses.

    Don Clark And
    Rachel Emma Silverman
    Nov. 18, 2014

    Pitching a product directly to end users, who can start using Verse on a self-service basis, has been a rarity for IBM since the company sold its personal computer division in 2005.

    The “freemium” distribution method—giving away a basic version while selling a more feature-rich version for businesses—is commonplace among online software vendors. This strategy was a “very, very important dimension of what we wanted to do,” said Jeff Schick, general manager of IBM’s social solutions business. “We wanted to open up the aperture.”

    IBM Chief Executive Virginia Rometty has initiated a variety of new tactics to boost sales for IBM, which has failed to increase revenue for 10 quarters. Her efforts include an alliance with Twitter Inc. to mine the social network’s tweets to solve business problems, and a pact with Apple Inc. to develop business apps and sell iPhones and iPads to IBM’s corporate customers.

    IBM is no newcomer to email, which has played a prominent role at the company since it acquired Lotus Development Corp. in 1995. Aided by the Notes software suite, IBM ranks second to Microsoft Corp. as a provider of email to business customers, the market research firm IDC says.

    IBM sees Verse as an alternative to those offerings, Mr. Schick said. The company didn’t disclose pricing for the paid version, but he said the entry-level price will be “absolutely aggressive”.

    IBM said that it doesn’t plan to seek advertising and won’t scan email boxes to do so, a practice that may worry business users concerned about privacy.

    More broadly, IBM hopes to address common complaints about email, helping to filter the flood of unimportant messages that arrive in the mailboxes of many users, for instance.

    Verse, originally code-named MailNext, tries to stem the bombardment by focusing on the key managers and teammates employees need to communicate with. These contacts are displayed in thumbnail images at the top of the screen. Users can quickly view the titles of people in their company and who those contacts report to, which can be displayed in diagram form.

    The program also compiles threads from email, instant messages, calendars, internal blogs and other sources, making it easier to keep track of communications involving a particular colleague. Users can “mute” threads on unimportant topics—like congratulatory notes to members of a team—to reduce distraction.

    IBM stresses other features such as “faceted search,” which uses multiple search terms to get more refined results. Customers will have the option to embed a feature that lets them pose questions to IBM’s Watson analytics tool, receiving answers ranked by degree of confidence.

    IBM Verse will run in a Web browser, and it is being incorporated into apps for smartphones and tablets, Mr. Schick said.

    IBM has one built-in advantage: relationships with a large audience of Notes users. Mark Calleran, chief information officer of the international office of the Salvation Army in London, is a Notes user who has tried the new product.

    Verse is “an exciting new way of processing your communications,” Mr. Calleran said. Besides helping users find, share and store content, he said, Verse could help customers like the Salvation Army move away from running Notes on their own computers. “This gives us an opportunity to move to the cloud,” he said.

    The effort to create Verse was spearheaded by a new IBM design studio in Austin, Texas, that conducted extensive studies to understand how customers use email.

    Alan Lepofsky, a vice president and analyst at Constellation Research who advised IBM on the effort, said Verse should help the company court small and midsize businesses that might otherwise choose Office 365. But equally important is the decision by IBM to try new strategies, including targeting individuals as well as company technology buyers.

    “That is not the IBM of a decade ago,” he said.

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    PR: IBM Verse Fuses Cloud, Social, Analytics and Design Innovation to Transform the W

    Social Mail Reinvents the Inbox, Gives Individuals an Intelligent Assistant to Organize and Prioritize Their Most Important Work and Relationships

    ARMONK, N.Y., Nov. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) today is reinventing enterprise email with a new freemium social collaboration offering that uses built-in analytics to give individuals a new way to converse, find the right people and information fast, and get work done. IBM Verse stems from the company's $100 million investment in design innovation and brings together its leading cloud, analytics, social and security platforms to transform the future of work.

    IBM Verse takes a vastly different approach to enterprise email by integrating the many ways employees connect each day – via email, meetings, calendars, file sharing, instant messaging, social updates, video chats and more – through a single collaboration environment. It is the first messaging system to feature 'faceted search,' which enables users to pinpoint and retrieve specific information they're seeking across all the various types of content within their email.

    IBM Verse uses built-in analytics to provide an 'at-a-glance' view that intelligently surfaces an individual's most critical actions for the day. By learning unique employee preferences and priorities over time, it provides instant context about a given project as well as the people and teams collaborating on it. This is in contrast to most freely available mail services that mine a user's inbox to increase advertising and monetize that data in other ways – an unwelcome proposition for business users concerned about privacy or which operate in regulated industries such as healthcare and finance.

    Clients using IBM Verse will also have the future option to embed a Watson feature into their collaboration environment, which enables users to query Watson on a given topic and receive a direct reply with answers ranked by degree of confidence.

    Today's launch expands upon recent IBM initiatives designed to help organizations change the way people work, industries operate and companies perform. In July 2014, IBM launched a partnership with Apple to develop a new class of industry specific business apps to transform enterprise mobility. In September, IBM unveiled Watson Analytics to put powerful yet easy-to-use predictive and visual analytics tools in the palm of your hand, and in October launched Navigator to boost personal and team productivity by allowing users to easily and securely access, edit and share business documents. Most recently, the company formed a global partnership with Twitter to transform how businesses understand customers, markets and trends by using Twitter data to make more informed decisions. These and IBM Verse are intended to help enterprise customers unlock the full potential of professionals and the clients they serve.

    Although email is considered one of the most significant advances in workforce productivity over the past 30 years, today it has become one of the greatest organizational burdens. IT industry analysts estimate that 108 billion work emails are sent daily, requiring employees to check their inboxes an average of 36 times an hour. Compounding the problem, it is also estimated that only 14 percent of those emails are of critical importance. At a time when every organization is striving to be more efficient, social and collaborative, this has created a dynamic where the volume of email interaction still outpaces social collaboration by a wide margin. In fact, according to IT industry firm IDC, email remains the single most widely used collaboration tool, with worldwide revenue for enterprise email expected to reach $4.7 billion in 20171.

    "The convergence of analytics, cloud, social and mobile technologies is not just impacting our personal lives, it's profoundly changing how we work," said Bob Picciano, Senior Vice President, IBM Information and Analytics Group. "These forces are reshaping how people make decisions, create and share new ideas and collaborate across teams to get work done. With IBM Verse, we challenged our design teams to use analytics to completely reimagine the social collaboration experience to focus on engaging people and driving outcomes, not managing messages and inboxes."

    Cemex, a global leader in the building materials industry, is one of the first clients to participate in an early beta of the new offering.

    "The overall design and visual interface immediately caught my attention, there is a simplicity and purpose in how information is presented that makes the entire experience very intuitive," said Gilberto Garcia, Chief Technology Officer, Cemex. "I quickly realized just how much was happening beneath the surface. It gives you a seamless blend of email, social and collaboration capabilities that didn't force me to jump between my inbox, calendar and other apps to share and connect with people. It's hard to even call this email anymore, that's just one facet to what they are delivering with IBM Verse."

    Jointly developed in collaboration with more than 50 clients and partners in the IBM Austin Design Studio and other labs around the world, the design of IBM Verse incorporates ongoing feedback from a broad spectrum of business users – from accountants and sales leaders to marketing professionals and software engineers. The result was a number of design breakthroughs, including:

    Intelligent Task Prioritization: Quickly finds and prioritizes the tasks that matter most. With lightning-fast search and built-in intelligence, it analyzes – and eventually even predicts – user behaviors and preferences in order to personalize an employee's unique social mail experience.
    Intuitive Collaboration Across Devices: An intuitive, 'at-a-glance' user interface optimized for mobile and Web environments helps users quickly take action on content and conversations previously scattered across multiple tools such as email, calendar, to-dos, social networks, chats, online meetings and documents. It features one-click ability to share content as a blog post rather than an email and share files through cloud-based communities.
    Engage People, Not Email: Provides deep context around the people and teams involved in a given task or project to drive more valuable employee engagements at the moment of impact. This allows users to visualize employee profiles, understand relationships between individuals and teams, and more effectively track and manage project and task delegation.

    IBM Verse enables subject matter experts to share insight in two clicks or less in any social environment inside or outside their organization. Rather than replying to a narrow email distribution, project leaders can share their insights as a blog post for their entire project team, with the ability to delegate and track critical actions across individual team members.

    Delivered on the SoftLayer Cloud with enterprise-grade security, IBM Verse gives enterprise customers, small businesses and individuals a scalable, cloud-based social collaboration offering optimized for mobile and Web environments. A beta release of the new offering will be available to select enterprise clients and partners in November 2014. A freemium version delivered via the IBM Cloud Marketplace will be available to individuals in the first quarter of 2015. IBM Verse will also be offered as an app for both iOS and Android to give mobile users the same experiences on the go as they do on their PCs.

    "Simply making the inbox social isn't enough. Organizations need better tools to support the way real work gets done in today's modern enterprises," said Charlene Li, founder and CEO of Altimeter Group. "That means keeping the focus centered on people and projects, and using analytics and mobile to make it a seamless experience."

    IBM offers the world's deepest portfolio of technologies and expertise that are transforming the future of work. To help clients quickly innovate and make better, data-driven decisions, the company's leading cloud and analytics platforms draw expertise from 70,000 client engagements and 5,500 patents. To deliver seamless and secure experiences across devices, clients have access to 11,000 dedicated mobile and security experts supported by 4,300 patents powering IBM's MobileFirst portfolio. With IBM social software used by 79 of the top global Fortune 100 companies, IBM was recently named worldwide market share leader in enterprise social software for the fifth consecutive year by IDC2.

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    Bastante suspeito o "vazamento" domingo à noite no FT (um jornal de negócios) do vaporware Facebook@Work, apenas algumas horas antes do lançamento do IBM Verse.

    Parece que as canalhices jornalisticas estão à preço de liquidação, como sugere o executivo da festejada startup Uber:

    The rideshare company Uber, with an implied value of about $18 billion and on the hunt to raise additional capital, is dealing with a public-relations nightmare of cartoonish proportions. Emil Michael, the executive in charge of the company’s partnerships with the likes of Spotify and American Express, told a table full of New York City power players, including BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith, that it would make sense for his company to hire opposition researchers to attack journalists.

    Michael’s fantasy dirt diggers would drag reporters’ reputations and personal lives through the mud if they criticized Uber, Smith wrote in a BuzzFeed story on Monday, similar to partisan political attack campaigns against favorite targets like Hillary Clinton and the Koch brothers. It would work great, Michael said, because, (insert mustache twirl here) “nobody would know it was us.”

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    voce conseguiu achar o espaço que eles oferecem na conta?
    Siga-nos em nosso twitter: @wht_brasil

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    Citação Postado originalmente por Winger Ver Post
    voce conseguiu achar o espaço que eles oferecem na conta?
    Não. Também não encontrei informação sobre os serviços inclusos, além de e-mail. Eu cadastrei um contato no link mas a coisa não é para agora:

    A beta release of the new offering will be available to select enterprise clients and partners in November 2014. A freemium version delivered via the IBM Cloud Marketplace will be available to individuals in the first quarter of 2015.
    No Twitter eles divulgaram um video:

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