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    [EN] Microsoft Azure “rebootless” hypervisor

    Microsoft is working on technology which has a “rebootless” hypervisor so virtual machines will remain running on the host during patching. There is no live migration to another host involved.

    By offering this new feature Microsoft Azure is extending from being a PaaS platform meant for cloudaware apps to a much broader platform supporting traditional legacy enterprise applications which rely on availability features of the infrastructure.

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    Azure’s getting bigger, faster and more open

    The largest G-series will offer 448 GB RAM and 6.5 TB of local SSD storage.

    (Só para constar, a IBM está comercializando servidores POWER8 com 1.5TB RAM).

    G-Series VM Sizes

    We announced a new series of Virtual Machine sizes, called the G-series, which will provide extraordinary performance for your most demanding applications. The G-series will provide more memory and more local Solid State Drive (SSD) storage than any current VM size in the public cloud. The largest G-series will offer 448 GB RAM and 6.5 TB of local SSD storage. Alongside this massive memory and local SSD storage, the G-series will also provide unparalleled computational performance, using the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5 v3 family.

    Premium Storage

    Azure Premium Storage is a new type of SSD-based storage, designed to support I/O intensive workloads. With Premium Storage, you can provision a persistent disk and configure the size and performance characteristics that will meet your requirements. You can then attach several persistent disks to a VM, stripe across them and deliver to your applications up to 32 TB of storage per VM with more than 50,000 IOPS per VM at less than 1 ms latency for read operations.

    Once available, with Premium Storage and the G-Series VMs, Azure offers the ability to truly lift-and-shift your demanding enterprise applications – including SQL Server, Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, Exchange Server, Oracle Database – to the cloud.


    This modern and minimal Linux distro provides an easy way to run containers, manage clusters and seamlessly update your servers – all components that enable warehouse-scale compute. We are excited to announce that CoreOS is now certified for Azure and will be available as a Virtual Machine image in the Azure Marketplace.

    Today, 1 out of 5 Virtual Machines on Azure are running Linux. CoreOS adds to the expanding list of Linux-based VM options we have and delivers on the promise of building the broadest ecosystem (Windows and Linux) for the benefit of our customers.
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