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    [EN] US Internet Corp. Rolls Out 10Gig in Minneapolis

    To all the gigabit naysayers who believe that no everyday Internet user truly needs a gig, US Internet has a message: You are wrong, 10 times over.
    US Internet's ultra-high-bandwidth service comes with a hefty price tag of $399 per month, but Caldwell says the company has already had a few takers -- small business operators, computer guys "who have a couple racks of gear in their living room" or developers doing video or graphics development, he says. But he maintains that the company's 1 Gbit/s offering sets the standard for affordable Internet access.

    "Our gig price is $65 -- that's 65 cents a meg," he says. "Now Minneapolis has the fastest and cheapest internet in the world. I just wish Verizon, AT&T and Google would follow my lead."
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    $65/1000 = $0.065/mega - jornalistas não sabem fazer contas...

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