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    Time Warner Business lights up 10G for Manhattan's One World Trade Center

    Time Warner Cable Business Services (TWCBS) is giving current and new business customers that reside at One World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan the ability to access 10 Gbps Internet speeds.

    Being a cable MSO, the service provider is supporting the new higher speed with a mix of 1.5 miles of fiber and traditional coax cable it installed into and throughout One World Trade Center.

    As a result of deploying these facilities, all 3 million square feet of the Class A office building now has access to a full suite of TWCBS communications products and services, including network and Internet speeds as fast as 10 Gbps.

    By offering a 10 Gbps service, TWCBS can make the One World Trade Center an attractive spot for businesses to locate their offices.

    "Our network expansion to One World Trade Center provides business tenants with access to one of the fastest and most reliable networks found anywhere in New York City, making it an even more attractive business address," said Phil Meeks, EVP and COO of TWCBS, in a release.

    Time Warner is hardly alone in equipping key New York City buildings with fiber facilities to deliver higher speed services to business customers.

    Cable overbuilder RCN Business has been aggressively driving fiber into other key buildings, including the Empire State building and 325 Hudson. The company is leveraging dual and diverse entrances into the building to maintain uptime for services provided over its fiber network.
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