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    [EN] Top 10 Independent Dutch Cloud & Hosting Providers

    Who are the largest Dutch cloud & hosting providers? We have created a top 10 for both independent providers and for IT providers that have cloud & hosting divisions. In our top 10 we only include providers that have their worldwide headquarters in The Netherlands. The ranking is based on size (in terms of the number of employees) and the data is taken from publicly available company information. This post is dedicated to the independents, IT providers will follow later. Some characteristics of the top 10 include:

    • The oldest provider is Intermax (1994), the youngest is Vancis (2008)
    • All independent providers are privately held
    • Providers have to have at least 60 employees to qualify
    • The largest independent provider is Ocom (Leaseweb) with 268 employees
    • The average number of employees per company is 121
    • The average company age is 16 years
    • Ocom (Leaseweb) and Yourholding are the most internationally oriented companies. Leaseweb has datacenters locally and in Germany, the US, Singapore and Hong Kong. Yourholding has international activities in India and Russia.

    Providers that did not make the cut but are close include BIT, Cyso, Flexwebhosting ,, IT-Ernity, Previder, Reasonnet, Sentia, and Uniserver.

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