VMware remains the most exciting vendor, but has the largest drop in selections

Nikolay Yamakawa, Analyst for TheInfoPro

VMware has retained the lead as the most exciting vendor, with 28% of selections in 2H 2014, but it has experienced a seven-percentage-point drop from 35% in the prior study. Despite the largest drop in selections out of all the vendors in the study, VMware captured more than twice as many selections as Microsoft, which is the second-most exciting infrastructure software vendor, with 12% of selections. However, VMware is now only five and seven percentage points above Cisco and HP, respectively, compared to the 17 and 22 percentage-point gaps a year ago. Cisco took the title of the most exciting hardware-centric vendor with 23% of selections, followed by HP with 21%. HP had the largest increase in selections as exciting vendor between the studies, but excitement does not always translate into better customer retention because the vendor remains at an above-average vulnerability level.

The level of excitement does not directly impact a vendor’s stance in different markets, but it is an indication of change in perception trickling through the industry. VMware has built a strong position in the market, but changing market dynamics are bringing a more even playing field with the competition. Maintaining the lead may become increasingly difficult, and the drop in excitement could be the harbinger of this change for VMware.