The 2014 Temkin Experience Ratings for Tech Vendors evaluates the customer experience of 62 large technology vendors. We surveyed 800 IT professionals from large companies on the success, effort, and emotion components of their experiences with these IT providers. VMware and Microsoft (for both its servers and business applications divisions) earned the top ratings, but still only ended up on the high end of our “okay” range. At the other end of the spectrum, Wipro and Cognizant were at the bottom of the list, joined by 19 other vendors that also received “very poor” ratings. Our research also shows that the Temkin Experience Ratings are correlated with elements of loyalty, such as repurchasing, forgiveness, trust, and recommendations.

highlights from the research:

  • The average rating dropped slightly from 53% in 2013 to 52% in 2014, with the effort component declining the most.
  • VMware is the only firm that placed in the top five for each of the three components of the ratings, and Wipro is the only firm that place in the bottom five for all three components.
  • Report shows a high correlation (R=.8) between the tech vendors’ Temkin Experience Ratings and the likelihood that IT professionals will purchase more products and services from them.
  • Companies in the upper quartile of the 2014 Temkin Experience Ratings for Tech Vendors have a 15-point advantage over those in the bottom quartile in the percentage of clients who are likely to repurchase.
  • Vendors in the upper quartile of the ratings have an average Net Promoter® Score more than 24-points higher than those in the bottom quartile.