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    [EN] HP Cloudline - new server line for cloud computing

    As more computing moves to cloud-based data centers, Hewlett-Packard is moving there, too.

    HP said today that it is creating a server family aimed specifically at building systems for cloud providers.

    This is being done as part of a joint venture with Foxconn, a partnership announced last year to create cloud-optimized servers. HP has been building servers with the Taipei-based electronics maker over the last year, but is now giving a name to its server line: Cloudline. It has also announced several server products.

    Cloud-specific servers are designed for hyperscale environments built with thousands of servers. According to HP, its systems are based on standards-based principles and utilize rack-scale computing.

    With rack-scale systems, functions that were previous located in the server, such as cooling and power, may be part of the rack. The systems will likely be deployed in multi-vendor environments, although users want uniformity in controls, said Dave Peterson, group manager of Proliant server products.

    HP will use the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI), an open management platform, and other systems that help provide a uniform way of managing hardware.

    The hyperscale x86 server market has been growing fast, and this has led to increasing numbers of original design manufacturers (ODM), such as Taiwan's Quanta.

    Richard Fichera, an analyst at Forrester, said HP's partnership with Foxconn gives it parity with the low-cost suppliers, but HP can take advantage of its breadth and reach as well as the services it can add.

    "Not everyone is a self-sufficient cloud provider," said Fichera, who noted there are many cloud providers that want services as well as hardware. "To a certain extent, nobody is going to make a lot of money on the hardware," he said.

    The cloud hardware will also have to appeal to enterprise clients, such as financial services firms that are also building out cloud environments, said Fichera. "I think it's a very smart adaptation by HP to changing times," he said of the move announced today.

    HP is announcing these OpenStack systems at the Open Compute Summit and will begin taking orders on some of the systems at the end of this month. The systems use Intel Xeon E5 v3 processors and come in five configurations, including a two-socket (2P) server sled configuration and 1U configurations. Pricing was not announced.

    The systems are described by HP has having a "minimalist bare-iron design, standard management interfaces."

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    Cloudline breaks from the proprietary technology found in HP Proliant servers.

    HP Cloudline family

    The CL1100 Cloudline server is a basic low-cost, two socket server for Web hosting.

    The CL2100 and CL2200 are two-socket servers with more memory and capacity.

    The CL7100 and CL7300 for rack-level deployments of one or two-socket servers with shared power and cooling resources, will ship later this year.

    HP Cloudline 7100

    HP offers new no-frills Cloudline servers

    Low-cost, bare-bones servers are growing in popularity among Internet service providers that want to upgrade their data centres without incurring steep expenses.

    Hewlett-Packard has recently adopted this open hardware approach with its economical Cloudline servers which start shipping on March 30.

    The servers share specifications with server offerings from vendors using the Open Rack and Open Cloud Server specifications developed by the Open Compute Project (OCP) founded by Facebook in 2012.

    The OCP standards allow companies to standardize BIOs, components, systems management, storage and networking technologies.

    “Service providers must adjust to meet ever-increasing customer demands for simplicity, security and availability – they can no longer compete on cost alone,” said Antonio Neri, senior vice-president of Enterprise Group at HP. “HP is delivering systems, built on open-design principles, combined with services and solutions that allow service providers to move fast, launch new services and grow their business in a sustainable way.”

    Cloudline breaks from the proprietary technology found in HP Proliant servers.

    The Cloudline servers will also be the first servers from HP to be built in partnership with electronic giant Foxconn of China.

    The servers can be priced as much as 10 per cent cheaper than Proliant servers and depending on hardware configuration, savings could reach as much as 25 per cent.

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