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    [EN] NetDepot Data Center Outage Causes Prolonged Downtime for Customers

    A data center outage in Atlanta that started on Sunday evening brought down servers used by many customers in a prolonged period of downtime, which according to some of them, lasted for more than 20 hours.

    Customers of NetDepot, the data center service provider that operates the Atlanta facility, took to Twitter to vent their frustrations with the protracted outage and with what appeared to have been lackluster communication by the provider during the incident.

    Joshua Distler, founder of LiveSurface, an online library of image templates for designers, told us via Twitter that servers that hosted the LiveSurface website in the data center went down around 9:30 p.m. Eastern on Sunday. They remained down as of Monday evening, he said.

    According to Distler, the outage came during a scheduled maintenance period.

    NetDepot representatives did not respond to a request for comment about the data center outage in time for publication.

    The company said on its official Twitter feed Monday that there was a “network outage in one of our Atlanta zones.” The problem appears to have been caused by faulty VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks), according to another Tweet by NetDepot:

    We only have a few last remaining VLANS that are being fixed right now. Our engineers are working full speed on getting these resolved now.

    — NetDepot Hosting (@NetDepot) March 16, 2015

    The company owns and operates its 75,000-square-foot Atlanta data center. Besides Atlanta, it has data centers in Dallas and Los Angeles. Many NetDepot customers complained on Twitter about a lack of information about the outage from the provider. Some complained about more than 15 hours of downtime; others said their servers were down for 20-plus hours. Here are some examples:

    @NetDepot I can see my servers are coming back online now. That was 20.5 hours of downtime.

    — Interactive Online (@interactiveo) March 16, 2015

    @NetDepot We’ve dealt with outages before. The one thing our customers appreciate during outages is communication. Wake up!!!

    — Interactive Online (@interactiveo) March 16, 2015

    @NetDepot at least tell us what’s the problem with #atlanta servers ?

    — Anand Gupta (@anandix) March 16, 2015

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    Meu servidor lá ficou com acesso intermitente ontem a partir das 22:30 até por volta da 1:00, quando a rede caiu de vez.

    Felizmente estava numa área restabelecida por volta das 2:30, então escapei de ficar entre os mais afetados que ficaram quase o dia todo down.
    Confesso que já estava planejando restaurar os backups na SL quando voltou....

    O portal/painel de controle só foi reestabelecido no final da terde de hoje, assim como o acesso à VPN.
    O pior é não ter até agora nenhuma palavra oficial por parte da empresa.

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