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    [EN] Bitcoin: Cash-Boycott

    O mundo sempre pode piorar

    As BTC-e refuses stolen Evolution coins ...


    So, the Pultars had a crazy idea: why not, instead of boycotting a company's products, boycott their cash flow? For this, all we need is a currency that records where the money has been. The idea is that, if someone hands you a dollar bill that he got from the Koch brothers, you could say, with righteousness dripping from your voice, "your money's no good here." That will certainly make people think twice about working for companies that their first-hop social network does not approve. Sure, you could work for Bechtel or the Carlisle group or Halliburton, and you could even get rich doing so, but you'd have to do all your shopping at Walmart. The quaint cafes would be inaccessible to you; you'd have to run a lemonade stand on the weekend if you wanted to get anything from that place with that cute and flirty barista with the tongue piercing. Churches, which offer salvation to everyone and accept all donations, even the banknotes with white powdery residue, might have to be more discerning, and if they aren't, then you can be more discerning about which churches you want to attend. And perhaps you could be super rich off of blood diamonds, but your kids would not be able to go to a progressive school.


    Now that Bitcoin is here, this idea is completely feasible. Every Bitcoin already records every single transaction it has been in, every single wallet it has passed through. All it takes to go from Bitcoin as it is today to a cash-boycott is a registry that maps Bitcoin wallets to their owners in the real world.

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