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    [EN] Does AMD’s Datacenter Roadmap Go Far Enough Fast Enough?

    Zen, FinFET, and HBM

    ... AMD has been engineering this recovery in the datacenter with a new core microarchitecture called “Zen” that is due to start shipping in high-end desktops in 2016 and in server processors at some point after that. But she conceded that AMD had more or less walked away from this business, which now comprises less than $300 million a year in revenues, mostly from sales of vintage Opteron processors that have not been updated in years. AMD had 10 percent server CPU market share at one point in the server racket – we remember when it had 25 percent share in the four-socket segment – and has dropped down to 1.5 percent share. Su did not dispute these figures and neither did Forrest Norrod, who formerly ran Dell’s systems business and who is general manager of the company’s Enterprise, Embedded, and Semi-Custom Business Group.

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