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    [EN] Delimiter lança "Slot Hosting"

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    Ship us your disks - Slot Hosting

    I lost count of how many times, I've been asked whether customers can ship us their disks. We've finally got a solution, we call it Slot Hosting.

    Your disks around mounted to a KVM VPS with dedicated cores and memory. The basic package contains 1 dedicated L5520 core, 1GB RAM, 10GB boot disk, 4TB bandwidth and 1 disk slot; you can add and aggregate them as you need. The disks are presented to your VPS as raw devices so you can mount your choice of filesystem, setup software RAID or even encrypt the filesystem.

    You can ship us pre-populated disks or just brand new ones right from retailers like Newegg or Amazon, SSD or regular spinning disks, you choose the size 1TB, 4TB, 6TB, its the same cost to host them. Alternatively we can provide you with the disks for a one-time payment.

    The cost per slot is $30/quarter ($10/month) or $100/year ($8.33/month). All resources: RAM and CPU are fully dedicated, there is no sharing/fair share.
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