Newsletter - June 2015

Dedicated Core VPS

Following customer demand, we've created a new line of KVM based VPS servers with dedicated CPU, Memory and Disk resources. The new VPS range is based on systems with Dual X5650 (Passmark 11687), clock speed 2.7Ghz/3.1Ghz. Each VPS has a dedicated core assigned to it, dedicated RAM and dedicated storage. These systems are designed where you need to be able to thrash the CPU 24x7 without risk of being suspended or causing disruption to other neighbours. These are perfect for transcoding, rendering, number crunching or game-servers.

There are two variants, one with HDD and the other SSD:

  • 1 X5650 Core, 1GB RAM, 40GB HDD, 1TB BW $6.50/mo
  • 1 X5650 Core, 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD, 1TB BW $9.95/mo

S3 Object Storage

We've been talking about launching a low-cost S3 storage service for some time, we finished beta in late April. Now its ready for service. Its perfect for backups, offloading website assets or large VM images.

Delimiter's S3 service is the perfect balance of performance and cost, with prices 5-6 times lower than Amazon or Google. Unlike other S3 Storage providers, we bundle storage and bandwidth together into aggressively priced bundles so there are no sudden end-of-month shocks when the invoice comes in.

The service starts at 500GB costing $9.80/month.

Storage Servers

We've increased our storage server offerings, we have added these new systems. Your first month is 50% off with this coupon THW9GG8F14

  • Dual L5420, 16GB, 4x2TB, 10TB BW, HW RAID $99/mo
  • Dual L5420, 16GB, 4x3TB, 10TB BW, HW RAID $129/mo
  • Storage VPS, 512MB, 150GB, 1TB BW $5/mo
  • Storage VPS, 1GB, 300GB, 3TB BW $10/mo
  • Storage VPS, 2GB, 500GB, 5TB BW $15/mo

We have a complete range of storage servers, email for your custom configuration.


We've added integration for the three main iPhone/Android messaging systems - Pushbullet, Pushover and Boxcar2. You can add your registered email address to your clients details in our client portal then you'll receive instant notifications. Pushbullet includes network alerts as well as upcoming maintenance notifications