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    [EN] Peak Servers joga a toalha

    Exatamente ao completar 1 ano do inicio da promoção VPS por US$ 12 / ano

    Já vai tarde.

    My name is John Brancela, CEO of ServerHub. I am writing you today to share some exciting news in light of recent issues you have experienced with your Peak Servers Services.

    We are pleased to announce that ServerHub has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Peak Servers.

    Effective immediately, I’ve instructed all ServerHub staff with the authorization of current Peak Servers ownership to assume all technical operations of the Peak Servers brand while we work to complete the legal aspects of this acquisition.

    ServerHub over the past few months has been monitoring the struggles that customers of Peak Servers has faced via Social Media and various Forums, specifically over the past 90 days and more closely to the issues at hand today.

    As an industry leader we opened up urgent dialog with Peak Servers in an effort to bring stability to the hosting market and the Peak Servers brand that has been recently lacking with recent outages, and bring reassurance back to all customers on Peak Servers.

    As a result of this definitive agreement, customers will immediately see increased performance in support response times, as ServerHub is dedicating specific staff members to assist customers of Peak Servers.

    In the next few hours, ServerHub support staff will be addressing customer concerns, updating Social Media and answering tickets that have previously been left unanswered.

    ServerHub has been an industry leader for over 12 years, and is ranked one of the fastest growing companies on the INC500 list for 2014. Despite our growth, we have always been focused on individual customer support, and this acquisition will be no different!

    Over the coming days, we will be updating customers on the exciting enhancements to come, which will include considerable enhancements to your current services, as well as some exciting incentives to help your business grow.

    We understand the frustrations of every customer effected by Peak Servers, given the issues that Peak Servers has been plagued with, we welcomed the opportunity to help each and every one of Peak Servers customers through this acquisition.

    It is never fun being left in the dark by your provider, and rest assured with our acquisition, those troubled days are over.

    With this shift to the ServerHub brand and platform customers can expect to receive unparalleled reliability, scalability and flexibility that Peak Servers previously was unable to provide.

    We are extremely excited about the road ahead and we will be personally reaching out to customers over the coming days, not only with updates, incentives and exciting news. But to also introduce ourselves!

    Now with this exciting news announced, we wanted to update you on what happened today with Peak Servers, which led to us to begin urgent talks with Peak Servers and come to an agreement to bring stability to Peak Servers:

    Earlier today the Zayo datacenter in which Peak Servers is colocated in experienced issues with some of their Power Distribution Units which effected most peak servers cabinets, which also included the peak servers website.

    This was not a planned outage and peak servers was not made aware of the issue until such time that it already occurred.

    Should you have any questions related to the recent outage, or the exciting news that has been released, please feel free to let us know.


    John Brancela
    Chief Executive Officer
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