AlphaRacks announces acquisition of RIJX Asset & Customer Base (Aug 6, 2015)


Greetings current RIJX Customers -

RIJX is currently undergoing a management and operational restructuring process which will allow the business to evolve to levels that it was previously, and is currently incapable of reaching.

As part of the restructuring process, the users of the current iteration of RIJX VPS services have been entrusted to the care and continued service of AlphaRacks (
Please note that as of this time, for the majority of customers, we do not expect there to be any changes to your service including but not limited to IP address changes.
Your customer portal accounts, however, are being merged and integrated within the AlphaRacks customer portal, which we believe you will find to be very similar and allow you to make you way through the portal as if it were the palm of your hand.

AlphaRacks would also like to ensure that you understand they are available for you during this (hopefully seamless transition) and all customers will receive an email with additional information within 24 hours from AlphaRacks.

RIJX would like to thank you for your patronage and wishes you all the best in your current and future VPS endeavours. Please look forward to the launch of the evolution of RIJX cloud and virtualization services which are in development now.
Any current or past RIJX customers, will at that time also be eligible for lifetime valid promotions and service specials.

Thank You
RIJX Managemement

AlphaRack Contact Information: