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    [EN] Argentina says signs nuclear plant construction deals with China

    Sun Nov 15, 2015

    Nov 15 Argentina has signed two nuclear power plant construction deals with China for about $15 billion, the Argentine government said in a statement on Sunday, calling the deals "a fundamental step toward diversifying our energy matrix."

    The plants will add 1,750 megawatts to the energy already produced by three nuclear power plants in Argentina.

    Mexico, Brazil and Argentina are the three Latin American countries that currently generate nuclear power.

    "Between both deals we are talking about financing of close to $15 billion" over 18 years, the Argentine statement said. (Reporting by Maximilian Heath; Editing by Leslie Adler)

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    By Lyu Chang (China Daily)

    State-owned China National Nuclear Corp is inching closer to a $6 billion deal with Argentina to build the Latin American country's fourth nuclear plant.

    The nuclear giant has wrapped up talks for the fourth reactor and signed a framework agreement for a fifth plant. That fifth one is expected to use China's home-grown nuclear technology, according to CNNC sources.

    CNNC will work with Nucleoelectrica, the state-owned nuclear operator of Argentina, on the fourth reactor, Atucha 3, which is expected to cost about $6 billion. Construction of the Atucha Nuclear Power Plant Complex in Buenos Aires province is expected to be completed in eight years.

    Atucha 3 will be using a Canadian-developed Candu reactor which uses a heavy-water model, while the fifth reactor, Atucha 4, will use China's third-generation pressurized-water nuclear technology, known as Hualong One.

    But the site of the project Atucha 4, which is expected to cost $7 billion, has not been decided yet.

    According to earlier reports, it is most likely to be on the Paraguay River which flows through the country.

    CNNC operates two Candu 6 units at its Qinshan plant in Zhejiang province, which is likely to become the reference projects for Atucha 3.

    Through the contract, Nucleoelectrica will provide 62 percent of the equipment, while CNNC will provide the rest of the equipment, goods, and services.

    Chinese lenders will support 38 percent of the total funding, according to a report by the Xinhua News Agency.

    "The negotiation process for the fourth reactor is complete, and the deal will be closed soon by both countries," the report quoted Argentina's Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services as saying.

    The deal would be part of a wider plan to boost nuclear power capacity by 3,000 megawatts over the next decade to meet rising demand for electricity in Argentina, where only three nuclear power stations currently operate.

    Chinese participation in Argentina's new plants is important for both sides, since Argentina needs funds from China and China is keen on exporting its nuclear technologies, experts said.

    "China's nuclear technology can be as competitive as the ones offered by its Western counterparts," said Ma Yi, an expert from China Nuclear Power Engineering Co, adding that the construction of the Hualong One reactor in the Fuqing plant in Fujian province has already started.

    China is embarking on an ambitious nuclear power program to change its energy mix toward cleaner fuel, and it hopes to leverage domestic experience to export home-grown technology.

    Other Chinese companies involved in the Argentinean nuclear projects may include Harbin Electric, Shanghai Electric, Zhefu Holding Group and China First Heavy Industries Group.

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    Argentina, China conclude negotiations for new $6 billion Argentine nuclear plant

    November 6, 2015

    Argentina and China have concluded negotiations on the technical and commercial contracts for the $6 billion construction of Argentina’s fourth nuclear power plant, Kallanish Energy learns.

    In July 2014, China and Argentina signed an agreement towards construction of a third pressurized heavy water reactor (PHWR) at the Atucha plant in Argentina.

    Through the agreement, China National Nuclear Corp. (CNNC) is to assist Nucleoeléctrica Argentina SA (NASA) by providing goods and services under long-term financing. That agreement was ratified this past February.

    The accord provides for NASA to be designer, architect-engineer, builder and operator of the new reactor.

    On Oct. 31, Argentina’s Ministry of Federal Planning said that “important progress” had been made in negotiations between the partners, with agreement being reached on the technology to be used and on the terms of the commercial contracts for construction of the Atucha 3 PHWR.

    “The commercial negotiating phase for the fourth nuclear plant has concluded and the definitive signing of the agreement will take place soon,” the ministry said.

    Under the agreement, over 70% of the components to be used in the plant will be supplied by Argentine companies. CNNC is now expected to advance the negotiations with Chinese financial institutions to conclude project financing.

    Atucha 3 is expected to take eight years to build at the Atucha Nuclear Power Plant Complex in Buenos Aires Province, where the 335-megawatt (MW) Atucha I and 745 MW Atucha 2 plants currently operate.

    The text of a framework agreement between CNNC and NASA for a fifth nuclear power plant was agreed and initialed.

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