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    [EN] Sentinel to Bring Direct Cloud Connectivity to Its Data Centers

    by Yevgeniy Sverdlik on December 17, 2015

    Sentinel Data Centers, a New York-based data center provider that caters to large enterprises for whom it builds custom high-capacity data halls in its large East Coast facilities, is planning to start offering customers direct private network links to large public cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

    Through a partner, Sentinel will be providing “capabilities to direct-connect to basically all of the major cloud providers,” Todd Aaron, the company’s co-president, said in an interview.

    Large enterprises prefer to use cloud services over private network connections for both security and performance reasons. Being able to plug directly into AWS, Azure, or IBM SoftLayer is growing in importance among factors data center customers weigh when selecting a data center provider, and many providers have been expanding cloud connectivity options in their facilities around the world.


    While enterprises can use network carriers to connect privately to cloud services from their on-premise data centers, it makes much more sense to take space in a colocation facility from where they can get that direct access to multiple cloud providers at once, Gill said. Large enterprises rarely use only one cloud provider, so having access to a variety of providers is important to them.

    For Sentinel, the decision to build a portal for direct connectivity to cloud providers was driven by both existing and prospective customers, Aaron said. Having the option is appealing even to companies that aren’t currently using public cloud services, he said.

    According to him, almost all Sentinel customers are Fortune 500 companies, including financial services firms, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, as well as large IT service providers. Sentinel has also built a custom data center for Bloomberg in Orangetown, New York, together with Russo Development.

    The company will be using a partner to set up the cloud portal, but Aaron did not disclose who the partner would be. Cloud connectivity will be available in Sentinel’s multi-tenant data center sites in Durham, North Carolina, and Somerset, New Jersey, data centers.

    The cost of using data center services by the likes of Sentinel in North Carolina recently improved, as the state lowered the investment threshold for benefiting from data center tax breaks that massive data center operators like Facebook and Apple have been enjoying there. Sentinel tenants will be able to take advantage of sales and property tax on IT equipment and sales tax on energy purchases, Aaron said.

    The new tax breaks will make North Carolina more competitive as a data center location against other states and especially its neighboring Virginia, which has cultivated one of the world’s largest and most active data center markets. Considering energy rates and tax incentives, the TCO in North Carolina can now be up to 15 percent lower than in Virginia, Aaron said.
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    Zayo gives business customers 10G on-ramp to Microsoft Azure, Office 365

    December 23, 2015 | By Sean Buckley

    Zayo is providing a dedicated connectivity to Office 365 through Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, enhancing its cloud capabilities for enterprise customers.

    Being an Azure ExpressRoute partner, Zayo will give users up to 10 Gbps of dedicated bandwidth to ExpressRoute ports, including direct connections to Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

    Simplicity and quality of experience are key features of the offering.

    Users can pay flat rate metro/Intercity pricing for connections at major ExpressRoute on-ramp locations in the U.S., including New York City, Los Angeles, San Jose, Chicago, and Ashburn, VA., as well as in London, England.

    In addition to providing security and predictable performance in the cloud, Zayo claims that the customer experience would be identical to having Office 365 on a customer's premises.

    Providing a connection to Office 365 expands Zayo's Connect to Cloud capabilities, which provides secure, high-speed bandwidth that businesses can use to connect to more than 300 data centers, cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers.

    Working with major cloud providers like Microsoft shows that Zayo is being flexible in how it lets its business customers bring their own cloud to the table. Leveraging its network of more than 500 data centers worldwide, Zayo also allows customers to connect to other cloud players like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Softlayer.

    Zayo is hardly alone in being able to provide direct connections to Microsoft and other third-party cloud providers. AT&T and Level 3 provide similar options for customers to connect to the third-party cloud providers.

    With its NetBond technology, AT&T is helping its VPN customers connect to cloud providers by bonding networking and computing resources together. During the past year, the telco has established direct access relationships with a number of cloud providers including CSC, IBM and Microsoft.

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